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  1. nVidia GTS 250 Clock rate issues

    Same card, same behavior, same "general info" when running nvclock. Did you find a solution by any chance? Edit: The 300mhz bumps up to 738 when I run nvclock while Cinebench is going. I'm guessing this is part of the GPU/graphics power management. But, I still only get 12fps on Cinebench when it's at performance level 1. My 1GB ATI Radeon 4650 gets better scores (20fps) so I might switch back to that. I keep thinking that I'll find the magic incantation of kexts and DSDT changes to get this GTS 250 working but it's just not working out like that. It worked fine in 10.6, 10.6.4 not so much.
  2. I have the same setup (rev 2 board, i7-930) and the DSDT worked like a champ. The only issues I have right now are with my video card. I have an eVGA GTS 250, which I've read is similar to the GTX 9800. I have two DVI outputs and I'm using a DVI to HDMI convertor into my monitor. My only complaint is that I can only get 1024x768 out of the card, and occasionally (using some of the settings below) 1280x1024. My monitor is capable of 1080p. I've tried a bunch of combinations (reset after each attempt--I'm not combining all of these): With com.apple.Boot.plist: Custom EFI string GraphicsEnabler=yes as a Kernel Flags GraphicsEnabler as an entry (key w/ a string of Yes) I've tried using NVEnabler 64.kext, NVInject.kext, and ATY_Init.kext, separately. I've added my device ID to NVDAResman.kext, NVDANV50Hal.kext, and GeForce.kext (all at same time). I've also tried adding my device ID to each individually. I've attempted to edit my DSDT.aml file according to the instructions in DSDTSE--applying two "hacks"; one for DTGP and one for the GTS 250. The hacks are incomplete, a few functions and references are missing. I've pieced together some code from various other sources and actually got the hacks compiled and the DSDT working (though admittedly I'm not sure that I hacked together so I will probably go back to your DSDT). None of the above get me my 1080p, so I'm obviously doing something wrong. I noticed a few other graphics cards in the signatures--a 9800GT Silent Cell and a 285GTX. Are both/either of these cards running or capable of 1080p or at least a higher resolution? I'd like to use as much real estate on my monitor, even if I have to buy a new card. Thanks for providing the DSDT as well! Edit: I'd switched to 64bit after doing the 10.6.4 upgrade. Edit: How did you get the 9800GT running? EFI? DSDT? NVInject? I suspect my issues stem from 64bit... jay