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  1. Hi I have the Asus P5Q-E which uses the Marvel 88SE6121 controller. I have an eSata drive I desperately want to use with OSX (Snow Leopard 10.6.5) and have had absolutely no luck. I have installed AppleVIAATA kext and from what I can understand the 6121 is supported within it. There is no other mention of 6121 in my other kexts, and the XPERT mode in BIOS is switched off. I don't mind if hotplug isn't supported (that simply makes it ejectable, doesn't it?) because I leave the drive on constantly (it has its own safe-off function). Thanks
  2. I don't suppose anyone has had success with this yet? It seems like a real grey area to me - as if some people may have had success, but a lot of people on the net are just asking for updates like me.
  3. I didn't knowingly replace IOATAFamily with a modified version. I've never touched the kexts in /System/Library/Extensions. All of my downloaded kexts have always been in a folder called Extensions at the root of the drive as that's where I thought they went. I downloaded and installed the IOATAFamily kext in an attempt to have my e-sata drive recognized but now that I know they are kept in /System/Library/Extensions it makes sense that KextHelper has installed them there. I was removing the kexts from the Extensions folder at the root of my drive. Regardless, I have tried to restore as much as I can but nothing has changed. I am still getting an error: "Still waiting on root device". I have found no links to specific kexts for the P5Q-E, but I have stumbled across people saying there should be no problem so long as the sata controller of the motherboard is recognized. In a thread on this forum at http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=175547I one member talks about it having worked on Leopard. I thought it might be a grey area with this particular motherboard but I don't have much knowledge on this topic at all so I'm probably wrong. The reason I checked that IOAHCI was in my Extensions folder (the ones at the root of my system and boot partitions) was that when I booted with the -v flag, it said something about not being able to launch that kext. I wanted to check that it was in the folder so that I could try to overcome that problem. Thanks.
  4. Thank you. I don't really need the e-sata drive to be recognized in OS X and I don't think I'll risk it again without sufficient knowledge of what I'm doing! I'd read a few odd things on here about e-Sata being recognized with the P5Q-E and decided to install the attached kexts. As for replacing the kernel extensions -- I don't quite understand. I installed new ones and it hasn't booted since then. I took the new ones out of the Extensions folder and nothing has changed. I don't see how putting them back will fix it (?). I don't think I understand what you're saying. I don't have a backup of my Extensions folder but if worse comes to worse I can easily backup all of the data on the OS X drive via Windows. I'd just prefer not to have to reinstall! Thanks again.
  5. Hi! I have a P5Q-E. I have been running OSX for about 2 months and have recently been trying to get my e-Sata drive recognized. I downloaded a kext from kexts.com called IOATAFamily and installed it with KextHelperb7. I also used KextHelperb7 to (re?)install two kexts in my Extensions folder that were highlighted blue though I can't remember what they were (though one of them was VIAATA). When I restarted I wasn't able to boot. I get to the boot screen and am presented with a white cross on top of the Apple logo. This is the first trouble I've had with OSX beyond the drive not being recognized! I've tried removing the new kexts via Windows - and also replacing the Extensions folder on my system partition with the kexts in my Boot partition (that has Chameleon 2 RC5 on it) to no avail. I can't figure out how to fix this. Any help would be much appreciated! I want OSX back pls! Here is an image taken after booting with -v flag. IOAHCIFamily.kext is in all kext folders (Extensions, Backup Extensions and Extensions on the boot partition) and the only USB items plugged in are wireless keyboard reciever, mouse and USB hub (which is empty). These have always been plugged in. This only started happening after using KextHelper (which I've used countless times before) to install the blue kexts and the one new kext.
  6. For anyone in a similar situation --- I created a tiny partition on my system drive and installed Chameleon RC5 onto it with all of my kexts. It now boots up. I'm not sure if I missed something but I didn't really see this information in the guides. Hope this helps anyone in a similar situation! Thanks!
  7. I have a perfectly working install of SL retail 10.6.4 on my P5Q-E / Q9550 machine -- all except for the fact that I can't boot from the drive yet. I am wondering now and would really appreciate clarification - am I not supposed to install Chameleon on the same partition as the operating system? I tried this recently and not only did it not fix my boot0: error but I could no longer boot via my USB drive as OS X would hang on the Apple loader screen. I'd installed MyHack 1.1 on the system partition as my guide had said -- no avail -- I installed Chameleon RC2 on the system drive -- no avail -- I did a manual install and went through dragging the boot file and all of the kexts into my OS drive to no avail. Finally I installed Chameleon RC5 pre12 which was when I was no longer able to boot OS X and needed to reinstall. I've decided that as a worst case scenario I can just restore my USB drive with SL etc on it to an 8GB partition of my OS X drive and boot off that instead of my external -- but I'd really like to be able to boot from the drive itself. Also - I tried using the Easy BCD in Windows 7 and it did not work for me. I hate boot0: error !!!! :mellow: Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  8. How to install Chameleon manually (v 2 and v 1)

    Hey, I followed this after having no luck using Chameleon installers. Everything went smoothly and as the tutorial stated - but now my SL 10.6.4 hangs at the Apple screen with the loading circle. Any ideas? Will I have to reinstall the OS? Cheers
  9. Hi, I've just completed my retail SL 10.6.3 install on Asus P5Q-E with Q9550 and NVIDIA 9600 512Mb. Everything is working now but I can't boot from the drive (I'm still booting MyHack 1.1 from an external drive)! I've installed Chameleon (RC2 and RC5) to the Snow Leopard drive and installed all of the kexts recommended by coderazzi.net (link below) and tried various boot file at the root of the drive, but when I select that drive to boot from I get the boot0: error. I've followed these guides and have had no problems up until this point. Everything has been smooth sailing! http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=213336 http://coderazzi.net/osx/p5q-e/snowleopard/index.htm Please help!