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  1. Great,, nice to see some new kernel action .. bring on the AMD-versions
  2. Was that a request for SSE ha ha, not gonna happen .. seems SSE2 is on the way tho
  3. HMM .. more DONATIONS needed here soon , i guess, cant run a os without a good kernel nor get good dvds out out the door
  4. theres little or no HFS+ support in any Linux distro, tho its ok with the kernel heres how to build a fsck for hfsplus using this wget http://darwinsource.opendarwin.org/tarballs/apsl/diskdev_cmds-332.14.tar.gz wget http://www.ecl.udel.edu/~mcgee/diskdev_cmds/diskdev_cmds-332.14.patch.bz2 tar zxf diskdev_cmds-332.14.tar.gz bunzip2 -c diskdev_cmds-332.14.patch.bz2 | patch -p0 cd diskdev_cmds-332.14 make -f Makefile.lnx sudo cp fsck_hfs.tproj/fsck_hfs /usr/local/sbin/fsck.hfsplus (yes, fsck programs shouldn't usually go anywhere except /sbin) doing fsck.hfsplus, with no arguments gives: [no manpage,see] # fsck.hfsplus fsck.hfsplus: missing special-device usage: fsck.hfsplus [-dfl m [mode] npqruy] special-device d = output debugging info f = force fsck even if clean (preen only) l = live fsck (lock down and test-only) m arg = octal mode used when creating lost+found directory n = assume a no response p = just fix normal inconsistencies q = quick check returns clean, dirty, or failure r = rebuild catalog btree u = usage y = assume a yes response # fsck.hfsplus /dev/sda2 ** /dev/sda2 ** Checking HFS Plus volume. ** Checking Extents Overflow file. ** Checking Catalog file. ** Checking Catalog hierarchy. ** Checking volume bitmap. ** Checking volume information. ** The volume archive appears to be OK. looked good, same as diskutility returns Sources: original Gentoo piece:http://gentoo-wiki.com/HOWTO_hfsplus Debian derived piece:http://www.debian-administration.org/users/lee/weblog/21
  5. "when you repartition an entire disk using MBR/PC Partition, the Darwin bootloader is installed by default" ok, i have too much data on the other parts on that hd to re-format the whole 160gb id still like to see this "using MBR/PC Partition" .. ive NEVER seen that anywhere as a option, see
  6. <eto> um <eto> im impressed <eto> im on the system i just cloned FROM another hd, with clonetool <eto> i just rebooted to it JustLikeThat from SATA internal hd, 2nd partition, to ide-in-usb-external hd, 1st partition, no issues yet
  7. im tryin this now.. these aint very clear [to me ] now paste in the following symlinks /Library/Caches /Library/Logs /System/Library/Caches <- paste where? and its resisting /Users paste in back the automount folder paste in the RamDisk command into /usr/bin/ paste in /System/Installation/CDIS <- FROM where?
  8. OK this is a Request for donations , to encourage the completion of the [amongst other features requested] SSE2 supporting kernels ...its bin about 2 months work so far . loads of ppl are already using this kernel ok, with success, it can/will be better you dont have to give a lot .. just show some support Paypal button can be found here: http://semthex.freeflux.net/blog/
  9. Paypal button can be found here: http://semthex.freeflux.net/blog/