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  1. the_defiant

    FIX for the Disk Utility bugs

    Did you patch your JaS 10.4.8 SSE2/3 AMD/INTEL + PPFv1 with my ppf? If the Disk Utility.app from 10.4.7 install dvd worked fine for you and a newer one is causing you trouble, then this should fix that problem. Try to patch your ISO with my patch. You NEED 10.4.8 SSE2/3 AMD/INTEL patched with PPFv1 from JaS before you can apply my ppf. That should fix your issue.
  2. the_defiant

    Mac OS X on Pentium?

    You can try to browse the wiki by using a free webproxy. There are tons of them, just ask google .
  3. the_defiant

    FIX for the Disk Utility bugs

    You're all welcome. @Sudar, for all those who said they couldn't even get to boot their system (as in they weren't even getting to the apple logo), it did fix their problem. It also fixes what wasn't working in the 10.4.8 Disk Utility, because it's the one from .7, which always worked for me, no matter what. @Kage: The patcher knows if your file has been patched and is OK. That's because it knows the old hash of the file (the one of the original ISO + PPfv1) and the one that you should end up with. The patcher tells you if you the file you obtained after applying my patch is ok or not, it tells you if it succeeded. Success means 100% identical to the ISO which I, and everyone else, gets after applying the Defiant Disk Util patch. In other words, "listen" to the PPF program, if your file isn't identical to mine, it complains that the patching failed. It also complains if the hash of the ISO which is going to be patched doesn't match mine. Because others managed to get rid of their Disk Util. problems after using the patch, I encourage everyone to apply it. No harm will be done, the patch even includes UNDO data, so you can return to the JaS ISO + JaS PPFv1 version.
  4. the_defiant

    CPU usage in sound editing apps

    Well, it uses 0-1% cpu on Windows XP ( LIVE/REASON) and I didn't add any VST plugins or anything else on osx86. On the Windows side, I do have VST plugins in Live. We'll see if 10.4.9 changes anything.
  5. the_defiant

    Poor Quality MBP

    If that's a possible scenario in the US, then what am I going to do here? I was planning on getting a mbp, but I easily got over it. It seems that Apple's image is degrading because of these problems people face, bad (or, should I say the worst?) support and broken products. Perhaps people should fully test MBPs and MBs before buying them, if they buy it from a shop, you never know what's waiting in the box.
  6. the_defiant

    CPU usage in sound editing apps

    I will, as soon as I get the chance to test these apps on a real Mac. As for the trouble I'm having, I've tested Ableton Live 6.0.3. It seems Ableton Live eats less CPU while IDLE on osx86, 6-7%, but, that increases if I reduce the size of the buffer. Although I did a test and increased it, it didn't go lower than original 6%. Traktor does the same thing, it uses less CPU in idle if I set a large latency (50ms), about ~10% instead of the original 20%. I will try to test it with an M-Audio Firewire and see if it keeps doing the same thing. If it does, then I'll go and test on a real Mac.
  7. the_defiant

    CPU usage in sound editing apps

    I've tested Reason 3.0.5 and Traktor on osx86 10.4.8 (with all of the available kernels: mifki / semthex b8 / semthex b9 /semthex sf3 /semthex sf9). After I launch Traktor( or Reason) and leave it like that, Activity Monitor says that it eats up 20% while the app is sitting IDLE. Reason is 100% usable, though, the same thing can be said about Traktor. Still, Traktor seems to have a bit of lag if I load a track in a deck while another one is playing in one of the other decks. I know all about setting up the cache / various beatmatching options (I'm using phase voc.) I've tried using osx86 without HT and it was the same thing, no improvement. I'm using the AppleHDA.kext with alcinject and I've got 2x "line outs" / 1 line in / 1 mic in / digital out working. I thought these problems were somehow related to the small buffer that the kext specified, 30 samples. I've modified it up to 256 and 512 and it keeps doing the same thing, it doesn't seem to make any real difference. I've tried various sampling options, 44100/96000/192Khz, the same thing happens. I tested it an hour ago, inside vmware and it does the same thing (I should rather say worse), with the latest DVD from JaS + PPFv1. The configuration of the PC is as follows: P4 531 HT / 1GB DDR2 RAM / P5LD2-VM BIOS 1102 REVISION 2.0 ALC882 / GMA950. The same apps work very well under Windows XP, but I'd It's weird, because iTunes doesn't use the same amount of cpu, it uses 4-5% at most, when used with full quality processing and ~1% when idle. Any suggestions?
  8. the_defiant

    FIX for the Disk Utility bugs

    torkra128: You're welcome! I tested the ppf personally and the resulting install dvd worked on two PCs. It's verified, it does work and I got rid of the Disk Utility bugs.
  9. the_defiant

    FIX for the Disk Utility bugs

    I am saying that I used the version which was used in the 10.4.7 DVD, also made by JaS. You can also use this one on your installed system.It's easy to do so, just replace the old one on your /Applications/Utilities. Though, I had no reason to do that and I didn't do it.
  10. the_defiant

    FIX for the Disk Utility bugs

    You're welcome! I've changed Disk Utility which can be found in the /Applications/Utilities folder on the ISO. It does not change the Disk Utility which gets installed on your machine.
  11. the_defiant

    FIX for the Disk Utility bugs

    Some people reported that their systems were unbootable after installing the latest JaS ISO + ppf v1. Personally, I've had issues with the old SSE3-INTEL-only ISO and I had to use the Disk Utility from 10.4.7 in order to obtain an OSX86 install which actually booted. Therefore, I created this ppf which has to be applied to the latest JaS ISO. You need JaS.10.4.8.AMD.Intel.SSE2.SSE3 ISO + JaS.10.4.8.AMD.Intel.SSe2.SSe3.v1p ppf. You apply this ppf to the ISO, which you obtain after patching it with the PPF from JaS, and then you have the latest version of JaS's OSX86 + the Disk Utility from 10.4.7. That should save people from booting twice, while others, wouldn't need to download 10.4.7 just for using Disk Utility to partition their hard drives. It's a 23,4MB large zip archive. Uncompressedd, it's a ~34MB large ppf. What does it fix? It solves those problems like "completely unbootable system" ( this is for the people that can't boot at all, it doesn't fix things like hanging after the apple logo appeared and so on). Enjoy using it and report if it solved your issues. NOTE: This will NOT WORK with the original SSE2/3 INTEL/AMD ISO, it will only work if you patch it with the ppf which JaS provided. P.S.: This ppf also contains undo information. If it doesn't work for you or you just want to recreate the original ISO, this will help. That's why I say it's pretty safe. LE: I started from a clean 10.4.8 AMD/INTEL SSE2/3 JaS ISO, then I applied the PPFv1 from JaS, after that, I applied my patch and wrote it to a DVD-R. I installed it on two PCs, mine and a friend's computer and everything was ok. I got rid of the problems which I had before with the new ISOs. This means the patch fixes what I said it does. Download here: http://www.sharebigfile.com/file/55525/Def...util-7-zip.html http://media3.filewind.com/g.php?filepath=2914 Credits: Thank you, Jas, for creating the ISOs Thank you, Semthex, for working on the 8.8.1 kernel
  12. the_defiant

    10.4.8 live/install DVD with semthex kernel

    Thank you for creating the scripts and sharing them with the rest of us! Mediafire isn't working atm, I can't get those scripts. I'd be more than grateful if I could get those files somehow.
  13. the_defiant

    -Archive- Macefix86 2006 -Archive-

    Kiko: when can we expect a release? will it be soon? I don't want to annoy anyone, just that's not very obvious what and when we should expect! Any piece of information would be appreciated.
  14. the_defiant

    Kernel panic with installation DVD

    AMD Sempron 2600+ processor Abit nf-7 motherboard ATI Radeon 9550 graphics (thought it is recognized for some reason as 9600 on all my systems, and the installation only recognizes 16MB of ram though it's supposed to have 128MB) Western Digital 80 gig IDE harddisks SONY DVD-RW DRU-700A ABIT NF-7 is a SOCKET A motherboard. No Socket A CPU has SSE2. Therefore, there's no such thing as a socket A Sempron with SSE2. You'll have to upgrade your computer to something which supports a SSE3 enabled CPU, so you'll also be able to use the latest 8.8.1 (10.4.8) kernel. Choosing an Intel CPU is the right choice, because mainboards which have Intel chipsets seem to have the best compatibility. Even a Celeron D (check that it has SSE3, in some shops you can still find old Celeron Ds which have only SSE2) is enough.
  15. the_defiant

    10.4.8 kernel question

    No, it does not. It will, as soon as semthex finishes the SSE3 emulation for 8.8.1.