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  1. Update #2 : It was strange without that but now it's almost scary ! The sound is working but I don't even know how nor why !! The fact : In order to try, I've install the update from App Store to the 10.11.6 version > Fine it's still work ! The only difference is the Sata Device is correctly listed in System Information but still no sound nor USB1.1 (mouse and keyboard). I've try to migrate all the data from the previous installation (10.6.8) and during the process, i've heard the sound came alive with the characteristic "PLOP !" from internal speakers !!! But as I've select all file for migration, the OS crashed (old bootloader and kext were copied...) so I've had to perform an other clean install, update to 10.11.6, migrate data but this time without parameter (so without bootloader and kext), and the sound came alive again ! Is there a logic explanation or am I a wizard who really don't know what he doing ?
  2. Udpate : Strangely, and without looking for, the sleep function works ! Still no shutdown nor reboot. For info, the audio PCI address (or what ever it is...) is : Audio Device 0x10DE0AC0 Sub Device 0x10431503 For the USB : - OHCI (1.1) : 0x10DE0AA5, 0x10431D17 - EHCI (2.0) : 0x10DE0AA6, 0x10431D17 Here is the last information... Thank's again for your help.
  3. Hi !First of all I'm french, sorry for bad english...The laptop is an Asus X70IO :- Processor T4200 (C2D 2GHZ),- Memory 4GB DDR2,- Graphic Card GT120M 1GB,- Chipset NVidia MCP79D.- HDD 500go classic (Not SSD)What I've managed to done :I've managed to get to the El Capitan installer trough ##### 6.2.0 USB Key made.The first problem encounter was the built-in keyboard and mouse were not working, even with USB keyboard/mouse.I Got them to work by adding VoodooPS2Controller.kext in "Other" folder, but still no USB keyboard nor USB mouse. Strange by the way because USB Key is working...Installation starts, continues, finishes, fine then reboot fine but in Clover, no internal HDD (Sata Enhanced mode in BIOS but even in IDE mode).USB boot via external enclosure OK (but still with no USB keyboard/mouse... very weird!)Trying several things and 2-3 clean installation later, the solution I've found is the Enoch version of Chameleon (Rev2961).Now I'm stuck on 3 problems :- USB devices other than 2.0 don't work at all (USB Key, HDD OK so I suppose USB1.1 is not functional)- The system boot like charm, but it can't reboot, shutdown properly ( I don't really care about sleep function but it could be cool if so...)- There is no sound (HDMI is not used at all on this computer)Is there anyone coud help me ?Thank's a lot in advance. EDIT : Error in post title, the laptop model is X70I0, not K70I0Jonathan (Alias Nikko485)
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    Help me Please, it's make me crazy...

    Thank you again for your help ! I've managed to get the 10.6.8 update working just now. The machine is currently made the spotlight indexation and when it's over I'll made a clone. Don't be sorry I won'l blame you even if that statement make me sad... But I've a SAS Card with standard SATA disk compatibility witch comes from a HP Proliant G3 ML150. It's a HP Smart Array E200/128 BBWC. Do you think I've a chance to make it work ?
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    Help me Please, it's make me crazy...

    Hi ! First of all, thank you for your answser. Things have changed since my post. I've managed make things work together. I've come back here to inform the board, and I've seen your post. I've other trouble, but first for your question : I didn't have KP, but just errors in console "can't find bundle for Safari, App Store, ... The PKG told me "Installation failed"... But I think I've found the origin of that : the post boot mounter. With that, the installation got stuck at Account Creation and when I've reboot I think some thing in the system got corrupted and none PKG could install properly anymore. I've got an idea so I've made a fresh install using iAtkos 10.6.3 (the minimum required by my music Software), made a little partition at the beginning of hard disk (named EFI), 2 larger partitions : 1 to install SL, 1 to clone it. Once the installation completed, I've plug the hard disk on my MacBook and install a bootloader on my EFI named partition, with the legacy_kernel, clone the working system on the other partition (so I can make tests and restore in case of failure) and voila it's OK ! But still I can't install 10.6.8 combo update (and before reboot Legacy_kernel 10.6.8) cause after reboot it freeze at "PCI Configuration Begin". Even with the boot flags such as "NPCI=0X2000", "PCIRootUID=1"... Anyway, I don't really need the update. 10.6.3 can do the work. If I really need the 10.6.8, I'll get on that seriously. A friend of mine has gave me a Nvidia QUADRO FX370 wich has worked like a charm out of the box in dual screen mode ! My probleme is now the RAID Chip. It's a Marvell MV88SX5041 also known as Adaptec 8110. DPCI gives me as VID DID 11ab:5041. I've tried to modify the Info.plist in AppleAHCIPort.kext but no luck to see my Raid0 disk (BIOS Tells me OK but since it's a hack...). If you can help me with that, I'll be glad for ever ! Thank you again ! John Edit : Find a way to install 10.6.8 ! (One of my soft require it so...) The fix : The PKG Legacy_kernel for 10.6.8 script seems to modify the com.apple.boot.plist on the working OSX partition. Since i've a "EFI" partition, the com.appl.boot.plist in it hasn't been modified so the mach_kernel on the active partition is not compatible anymore. Some Sudo command line later, everything is OK now (backup of original mach_kernel then rename legacy_kernel to mach_kernel)
  6. Hi everybody ! First of all, my native language is French, sorry for mistakes... My problem : Several years ago, I've successfully installed Mac OSX 10.6 on my computer. I'd got a lot of health trouble with a long time without using it. Now my hard disk is dead and I can't remember how I've done... I've tried to replace the graphic card (HD4870X2) with an old Nvidia to have the graphic interface (OK !) but no change in booting something I've found nawcomBootCD and with that (and only that), I've installed Retail 10A432 successfully but it stuck at account creation (turning wheel for ever). After RESET, I can acces to MacOS but the update to 10.6.8 failed to install. It can't find bundle for every thing (Safare, App Store, ...).. I've tried the iAtkos S2 V2 and Hazard. Both install successfully but impossible to boot... My computer details : MB : iWill DJ800 (iWill no longer exist...) Proc : 2xIntel Xeon 3.4GHz, Socket 604 Ram : 4GB (4x1GB) Graphic : ATI Radeon HD4870x2 (2 GPUs on only one board) Hard disk : 40GB Sata (for OSx, the others drives were SCSI but i won't use them any more) Any suggestion ? Thank's a lot in advance. Best regards, John.