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    I have a Mac Mini clone. Aopen Mp915-x surely this should be simple and nice and happy but its not its amazingly fantastically annoying. Intel Pentium m 770 2.13ghz processor 60gb ide (although special connector to mobo) motherboard is an i915gm with onboard graphics installed ideneb and all went fine with that, i booted i get a usb error achi. and it hangs because it is still waiting for root device i get around the root device issue once with some 3am godsend that i cant now replicate but it now wont recognize my keyboard you guys are not only in the know but are the guys that make the know known so i thought i'd be best of asking you. any tips, tricks direction or tales of similar experience and triumphs i'm sure would help. i have searched and am starting to go a little crazy an word blind now i have no other mac in the house and my bios is the most basic i've ever come across.