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    MSI Big Bang xPower

    Hello again comrade, it seems we are the only two people in the world using this MSI board, we rock! So it turned out after much searching and deliberating that I went through OCZ RMA for the ram problem. (The triple-channel must have had one bad stick). Have you upgraded to 10.6.5? and how about the USB3? I havent had a chance to try it out but there should be a custom kext to enable all super-speed products (not just from La Cie) on TonyxMac's forums. Hope your fall is tres bien haha -
  2. cr911

    MSI Big Bang xPower

    Hello! Thanks for the great info! And by the way your English was excellent! For an example of bad English, read the manuals that come with the Big Banger mobo in the USA, it can be funny and mysterious! I have some questions (2) to ask if you or anyone may help. 1) The BIOS file you have been so kind to share, did you download it from MSI's website? I was only able to find 7666v13. Perhaps yours (A7666IMS.137) is for a European version of the board? 2) I have been having a problem with my RAM being read as 8 gig 1066 when it has 12. BIOS recognizes all 3 strips of memory but stops calculating the total at 8 at boot and it shows up as Dual Channel instead of Triple. Is this associated with the CPU being an i7 920? Thanks again!