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  1. CarlosCheddar

    Strange kernel panic & troubles with ethernet

    In my build I was using the Official Realtek 2.0.6 ethernet driver and it was causing kernel panics every 1-2 h so I uninstalled it and started using Lnx2Mac's and everything's working fine now. So maybe that will fix your problem too.
  2. CarlosCheddar

    Native NTFS?

    Did you try this method in Lion? I tried it and it didn't work but maybe I did something wrong. I'm not sure.
  3. CarlosCheddar

    Native NTFS?

    Yeah it reads just fine like SL but I can't write to it. I didn't want to install NTFS-3G before asking here because I heard of the native functionality. But maybe they were just rumors I'll wait and see.
  4. CarlosCheddar

    Native NTFS?

    I've heard Lion had native NTFS support but it can't read my Windows 7 partition. Is it something I need to enable or did apple take it out?