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  1. Demonoid Back Online!

    yup, everything is good here, too my ratio and account is as i left it! all we need now is OiNK to resurrect itself, stats and all... now that really would be the icing on the cake!!!
  2. how about FolderTeint (Leopard only) you can change all the system icon colors very easily....
  3. Annoying designs

    I cant stand websites completely built in flash. im not too fond of javascript either.... oh yeah, and adverts, especally the annoying javascript ones that either hover when you mouseover a word, or the ones the taker over the browser window and force you to close them.
  4. Favorite Design Fonts

    ill add my vote for Helvetica, I actually quite like Arial Bold too!
  5. Best App.

    Dreamweaver! GoDaddy for your Domain names and check out BlueHost for hosting very reliable, unlimited domains etc....
  6. Total CS3'ifyed dock

    they look great, thanks for posting.
  7. Free 1-year subscription to EGM magazine.

    bummer, I could have used that...
  8. Tweaking..

    I agree, it has been slow lately - but the upgrade seems to have helped. good work!
  9. New Build of OS X Leopard

    just release it already Apple....
  10. thats a great tip, thanks!
  11. 10.5.2 Due Soon

    still not here yet
  12. Hacking Leopard GUI

    that mirror dock is Awesome!!!! (I personally don't like the grid theme - but the other options are great!) thanks so much. you need and icon, and to fix the Application name in the menu bar("docktweak", "about NewApplication", "Quit NewApplication" and "NewApplication" in the help menu), and post it up on VersionTracker/Macupdate
  13. Hacking Leopard GUI

    any chance of adding a transparent dock option?