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  1. How long did you wait before hitting F5 after swapping discs? - I had wait around 30 seconds before pressing F5, it can take a few more seconds to refresh the boot disk options. I also found that Snow Leopard does not like my DVD drive (non-responsive after a short while) so I had to use the second (Blu-ray) drive.
  2. I found the answer to the 32 bit kernel via Google, ran MSR Tools and it looks like Speedstep etc is working - shame about the higher CPU temperatures compared with Windows.
  3. I decided last week I would try a Hackintosh out of sheer curiosity. I bought a 10.6.3 retail disc for the Kaktewalk 2.2 install - which worked perfectly first time. I downloaded the 10.6.4 disk image (not combo) - no problems at all. Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD4P (V1,0 with latest BIOS) Intel Core i7 920 ATi 4870 1Gb via HDMI to TV Sound via the onboard Realtek sound chip 12Gb ram (6x 2Gb OCZ3G1333LV2G) Somewhat ironically I've had problems with my MacBook Pro since updating it to 10.6.4. I noticed it lists my PC as being a MacPro3,1 and I would like to run MSR Tools to check my i7 but I cannot get OS X to boot into the 32 bit kernel (tried 3 & 2 keys on boot) - please can anyone help?