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  1. Hello guys, Long time I didn't came here as I didn't had any comouter to run SL. Btw, Now I Have a M4A78LT-M LE + AMD X2 250 OC'ed + 2GO DDR3 + GTX260 And I have a big issue. I succefully instaled iAtkos S3 V.1, with Asern Bootloader, 10.3 Modifyed kernel, Voodoo Sound, Voodoo PS2, NVenabler. Well, I have weird sound, and resolution bug, but that for the future. The problem : I can succefully boot from iAtkos DVD's bootloader (Chameleon RC5 I think) But, when I'm trying to boot from my HDD, It boots, and restart just after the apple logo, I tryed boot with verbose, but it crash before loading the .kext. I really need help on this... Thanks, Paradoxxx_
  2. eee pc 1005ha running 10.6.5?

    Yeah, so good,
  3. eee pc 1005ha running 10.6.5?

    Well, For me IaktosS3 10.6.3/ XP Fully Working even Wifi with the kext.
  4. 1001HA: Wireless works with Atheros Card

    Working perfectly. Detected my Atheros card and worked perfectly Awesome
  5. 1001HA: Wireless works with Atheros Card

    Please Reupload IT, the link is down now!
  6. Low FPS 1005HA

    Hello, I have a problem on my EEEPC, It runs Iatkos S3, But for example when I'm running a game, Assault cube for exemple, I have so low fps like 10... But, before I was on 10.5.8, and I had 80 Fps! And also when running Garage Band, the display is so laggy. So Is there a fix to have much more fps? Thx. Paradoxxx_
  7. Snow Leo 10.6.3 1005Ha

    Hum, Well, I've just installed InsomniaX And it's working, it does his job
  8. 10.6.4 on 1000h sleep problems

    Yeah, same here on 1005ha...
  9. Snow Leo 10.6.3 1005Ha

    Help? Please?

    Nice to hear that ^^, enjoy your eeeMac

    Did you tried to add your efi string to apple.com.boot.plist?
  12. Atheros AR8131/AR8132

    Works perfectly with eepc 1005 ha!, Thank you so much!
  13. eee pc 1005ha running 10.6.5?

    It just work perfectly With iAktos S3.... Just brightness problems...
  14. Snow Leo 10.6.3 1005Ha

    Hello, Well, Yesterday I've installed Snow Leo 10.6.3 From iAktos S3. It Works perfectly, Just one thing... When I'm listening to music With Itunes, I close the lid, then My eeepc go to sleep, How can I change that? And then, when it wakes up, I've just a black screen, but I can see that the screen wakes up, but without Brightness... So I think It's just a .kext to install, but wich one? Thanks.