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  1. [Success] Gigagbyte Z77P-D3 (Ver 1.1)

    Hi, i'm sorry for the inconvenience but i have the same hardware and i didn't get to have sound. i don't understand how to do a dsdt and i think that it will be the problem. could you help me?
  2. Ayuda Asrock z75 pro3

    Hola de nuevo, he conseguido instalar y actualizar a la 10.8.4 pero tengo un problema al intentar arrancar con la gráfica independiente gtx460, por lo que he podido investigar es un problema con el audio hdmi por lo que os quiero pedir ayuda para poder deshabilitarlo de alguna forma, si se puede en el dsdt o si me podeis dar alguna idea. Gracias de antemano
  3. help ML in Asrock z75 pro3

    i tryed to install ml 10.8 in a single disk but the result is that i have a error of sound assertion, i haven't sound! and only can boot in safe mode. i have repaired disk permissions with kext utility and disk utility but the same results.
  4. help ML in Asrock z75 pro3

    i haven`t secure boot in bios, The install metod was usb pandora 10.8 and update to 10.8.2. i have 1 partition and 1 disk with ntfs format in windows. Sorry but i don't understand what i could do. Could you explain again please?
  5. help ML in Asrock z75 pro3

    well, i got to install ml 10.8 and update to 10.8.2 but only i can start in secure mode. If i try to start in verbose http://img577.images.../33/errornf.jpg any ideas?
  6. Ayuda Asrock z75 pro3

    Bueno, he conseguido llegar hasta aquí. http://img577.images.../33/errornf.jpg puedo arrancar en modo seguro pero no en modo normal, no tengo audio, si ethernet y no me lee los discos ntfs, algun consejo?
  7. Ayuda Asrock z75 pro3

    Ok, voy a probar. Gracias Bueno, estoy editando cada vez que tengo novedades! ahora ya entro en el sistema tras instalar con pandora pero con modo seguro por el fallo de sonido aunque en las últimas líneas me informa -- power management may be incomplete or unsuported y acaba con 5 líneas de Sound assertion in AppleHDADriver at line.... Ya falta menos!!
  8. help ML in Asrock z75 pro3

    i tryed with 1 hdd, onboard graphics 64mb, it don't have the option dissable dll overvoltaje only auto or specific voltaje. i tryed with -v npci¡0x200 and the result is black screen. any ideas??
  9. Ayuda Asrock z75 pro3

    Tengo una hd 5770 y lo he intentado con iatkos l2 (dvd), ml2, lion 10.7(dvd), 10.7.5 y ml 10.8 pero el resultado es siempre el mismo. Gracias
  10. help ML in Asrock z75 pro3

    I can't install any os x in it. start correctly but when pass starting darwin x86 reboot or black screen. It depend on the version os x. Hardware: Asrock z75 pro3 (bios 1.80 original) 8gb (2x4) ddr3 2133 gskill hd 5770 2 hdd 500gb i had trying with differents flags but nothing difference. Please help
  11. Ayuda Asrock z75 pro3

    Hola, necesito vuestra ayuda, he montado equipo nuevo con esta configuración: Asrock Z75 pro3 8gb (2x4) ddr3 gskill 2133 i7 3770 2 hdd (1 win + 1 os x) El problema es que al intentar instalar se reinicia en el punto de starting darwin x86 o se me queda la pantalla en negro y no hace nada, he probado con varios flags pero no hay manera. Gracias anticipadas
  12. [UEFIPatch] UEFI patching utility

    Ok, really thanks again. i don't know what happen, i'm crazy!!
  13. [UEFIPatch] UEFI patching utility

    i don't see that charge AICPM.kext. Here is the video of the error, now is rebooting in "Starting Darwin x86" http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?5crj5u252g4er4y Really thanks!
  14. [UEFIPatch] UEFI patching utility

    Hello, could you help me? i download AD_FTK_4.2.I & FTK_INT_4.2.1 but i don't know how to.... Thanks Is this that you needed? http://www.mediafire.com/?090x0k3pfj702br
  15. [UEFIPatch] UEFI patching utility

    i don't understand because i update the last one and the bios don't have power management. When try to install Mountain lion the installation reboot automatically. i'll keep trying. Thanks