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  1. this is the source code to 2.6.2. I dont know how to compile it to kext. can anyone do this for me. for SL .. thanks in advance. voodoocode.zip
  2. Ok i used the above Kext and subed in my ven and dev nabbing them out of Windows device manager and LOW AND BEHOLD I have a sound bar that is adjustable. But still no sound. Of course these are not the latest kext. Any Chance anyone could make this same thing work for http://www.nawcom.com/osx86/files/10.6/Aud...odooHDA/0.2.62/ I tried adding in the 2 lines and well i heard the click when osx loaded but no sound bar like i did on This one. I feel im soooo close. This is for a ATI 4850 HD by the way I know a lot of us have this card. The problem I think im having is that these are my 2 devices. They are both ATI. I tried modding a voodooHDA.kext myself to block it as you showed but seems im not doing it right or there is more because both cards are the same. So if anyone could help thanks. 1002:aa30 Unknown. (im assuming this is the HDMI from my ATI Video card) 1002:4383 sb600 Thanks in advance Joe
  3. Resolved flagged pmVersion=20 then compared what i the com i coppied during install to the one that i copied before the crash and turned on cpus=2 loaded the right kernal. just trying to compare the 2 now to get the cameleon loader back lol since this is a windows / mac laptop now.
  4. I Have a HP dv7-1279wm. and installed Snow from scratch everything worked after i replaced the kext's i used this guide. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/lofiversi...hp/t211261.html But i forgot to "fix" the usb by swapping the com.apple.Boot.plist. And proceded to do the 10.6.4 update. everything seemed fine. then i realized my USB was not working as was the webcam. This is my 2nd time installing it there and it had worked before. So i went damn forgot to replace com.apple.Boot.plist. so i did and BAM ! Version mis-match between Kernel and CPU PM"@/SourceCache/xnu/xnu-1504.7.4/osfmk/i386/pmCPU.c:706 on reboot. (shoot self here) Ive rebooted everything on it several times while getting everything to work including wifi. (changed the card) installed world of warcraft for kicks. so its got to be when i changed the com.apple.Boot.plist everything hit the fan. anyone got a 10.6.4 com.apple.Boot.plist that works for the dv7 or the old 10.6.2 one i can put back and just suffer thru w/o the usb till one is avail. or maybe teh 10.6.4 original one. Thanks in advance.