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  1. Hello, I have a question and if someone is kind enough to answer. My laptop is Dell Studio XPS 1640 |c2d P8700 , Mobility Radeon 4670. With clover I managed to get QE/CI working, and displays correctly on external monitor (D-SUB) , haven't tried HDMI. The problem is with the LVDS, giving me displaced like pixels.Setting dual-link managed to get me correct resolution and display on LVDS but still displaced pixels like in the image below.I use shrike FB but and injected EDID that I got from windows but the issue persists.I think is something related to patching the connectors but I don't know how to do that.Can someone give me a detailed guide of how to do this.If yes whats the format of editing the config.plist in clover or org.chameleon.Boot.plist with the patched info.Here's the displaced pixels image I get on LVDS.My LVDS resolution is 1600x900.
  2. Hello I have issues with my STUDIO XPS 1640 (2009 MODEL) with Mobility Radeon 4670.It doesnt matter if I inject custom EDID or not the result is the same I get displaced pixels, before I fot 4 screens with displaced horizontal lines but after i set DualLink to 0 I get only one screen with displaced pixel lines.I used chimera chameleon and clover with every combination there is , same result.I do get QE/CI to work though and correct 1600x900 resolution but scrambled like this: Anyone ?Please help me.
  3. My laptop is STUDIO XPS 1640 (2009 MODEL) CORE 2 DUO P8700 , MOBILITY RADEON 4670.I get correct resolution 1600x900 and QE/CI but pixels are displaced.Take a look.No matter if I use chameleon chimera or clover, the same result:
  4. Dell Studio XPS 1640 (2009-model)

    I already tried this, your right with duallink 0 i get only one screen but still the pixels are displaced like in the 4 screen issue screengrab.Do you know how can I solve this ? Thanks Like this
  5. Please help me I have the same notebook as imothep77 but my resolution is 1600x900 so is a different panel.I get scrambled LVDS and I dont know why.You are the only one that can help me, I tried with clover config of other people that own STUDIO XPS 1645 OR STUDIO XPS 1647 and failed to get working resolution.Insted I get this.Please send me your clover folder and s/l/e folder archived to download if you succeded QE/CI and correct resolution with the 4670. I GET THIS:
  6. Dell Studio XPS 1640 (2009-model)

    Hello, I have the same configuration as Imothep77 exactly, except that my screen's resolution is 1600x900 so most likely I have a different display panel.I have the issue of scrambled LVDS and nothing out there will fix this, so I really need imothep77's help to tell me how he succeded.If you can archive the entire clover folder of your configuration and your entire S/L/E folder and send me a a link to download it please. Thank you. This is what I get