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  1. A few questions on OSx64

    Thanks man, big kudos there...
  2. Hi guys, Self admittedly I'm a new user to OSX here, I've only ever used Final Cut Pro and ot be honest, I dislike OSX as an operating system, I won't like... However, I have been DJ'ing of late and I have just got myself a Native Instruments Maschine and Traktor Scratch Pro. (I will be using an Audio 4 DJ I/O soon enough and I have an orignial MBOX). I am currently using a Aspire 6930 and I am looking to upgrade the Processor to a P9xxx... I just wondered if anyone (with experience in using OSx64 as a DAW)... 1. Is there benefits to switching from XP to OSX? People say OSX is better for music production... 2. When I install OSX, will I be able to install Maschine and Traktor Scratch pro? 3. What are your experiences in using a hackintosh PC/Laptop for DAW?
  3. Installing Vista

    Haha, good one, enjoyed that lar...
  4. Giving up on OSx86 and OS X

    I'm hoping I don't get this when I install it, I'm looking to get a decent music production thing going on...
  5. Question is, do you mind it members "Relieve" themselves over her?
  6. Introduce Yourself

    Hi there all the way from Liverpool UK, looking to install OSX on my aspire 6930, here's hoping it goes well...
  7. Audio Kontrol 1 Issues on 10.6.1

    I'm going to be installing NI MASCHINE and Scrath Pro, when I finally get OSX on my laptop, here's hoping it works well... Will update...