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  1. Thanks - that did it!!! Any idea why the disk utility hans in "unmounting" the IDE drive when trying to partition it? Best regards! UPDATE: Confirmed the no-go for the disks - DiskUtility hangs in "unmounting". Adding disks etc. doesn't help! Any idea why this happens and how to fix it??? (P.S. 10.5 works with the regular package w/o problems now.)
  2. Thanks for the reply - changing the mouse.vusb.enable doesn't change anything, unfortunately. I got it booting to the installer, but then I have no mouse. I used darwin310b3.iso. I had to specifiy the rd with rd=disk1s3, otherwise the kernel waited forever for the root device. vmx is attached. Thanks for the help. vmware.log.txt MacOSX_test.vmx.txt
  3. Hmm - I was actually looking for some alternatives to the ISOs provided through the regular instruction site. I tried them all and they all show the same effect - the one in the darwin-200 package, the voodoo and the darwin-wks7 crash as described in my original post. I got hands on the a darwin310b3.iso - which is different: It only works with an IDE drive (scsi give a panic) BUT once booted (Vanilla SL 10.6) I have the mouse problem again, i.e. the mouse in the upper left corner and doesn't move (therefore no Diskutility, no install)... Any recommendations or new files to test - as said, I am more than happy to try on the various ESXi machines I have. Thanks in advance for the help !
  4. Well, I thought the forum would be the right place after reading and following the various instructions without effect (searching through the web as well, of course). Please find the explicit information and the vmx attached below... I was primarily asking whether there is a new darwin.iso file (the latest 310b1 wasn't available any more)... Here comes the information: VMware product and version being usedESXi 4.0.0 build-244038 [*]Host operating system ESXi 4.0.0 build-244038 [*]Host CPU Intel Core 2 Quad - Q9300 (and 2 x Xeon E5462) [*]Vanilla Leopard or other distro Vanilla (std. Apple distro) Leopard and Snow Leopard [*]Version of Leopard 10.5.6, 10.5.7 etc. 10.5 and 10.6 as on the CDs [*]Please attach the VMX file find attached (I used the same vmx file for both Leopard and Snow Leopard) [*] Please attach the latest vmware.log file find attached vmware.log_105.txt is the Leopard boot - the installer screen shows but the mouse doesn't move -- Yes, I tried both settings for the vusb setting! vmware.log_106.txt is the Snow Leopard boot with a kernel panic due to APIC... (png attached as well) Thanks for your help! MacOSX.vmx.txt vmware.log_105.txt vmware.log_106.txt
  5. Hello, I am struggling to get either L or SL working on ESXi 4.0 (build-244038). Here is what I tried: Tried darwins from voodoo, the WS7 the 200 package and one more I found (dates Jan 5th) - for all darwins the same results - either: - kernel panic ACPI 11 expected 14 (for SL) - unable to move mouse on install screen, therefore no installation (L) (Systems are either C2Q - Q9300 or Apple Mac Pro with 2 Xeon) (I've tried IDE, SCSI or both - same thing). Are the any suggestions what else to try? BTW: Tried VMworkstation 7.1 w/ the WS7 darwin on a T60 (Thinkpad C2D - T7200) - works like a charme!!! Thank you very much! I am more than happy to try things out! I am using retail L and SL installer disks. Thanks and best regards !