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  1. Just finished installing 10.5.6 onto an AMD based Gigabyte GA-M52L-S3 with a Pioneer DVR-215 DVD-RW, however if any disc is put into the drive it causes the drive to crash and become unresponsive. The drive stops accessing and refuses to open and then any program trying to use the drive becomes unresponsive. The drive is connected via IDE Any help would be great, since everything else is working perfectly.
  2. Tozzo13

    Essential Windows Programs

    ImgBurn -really useful for fast burning of .iso and everythingelse MagicISO - easy to use .iso editor
  3. Tozzo13

    Microsoft Windows 7 My Idea Ads

    Sadly Windows sells itself, so why did they bother with the stupid ads?
  4. Tozzo13

    Product key Windows7 Enterprise and Ultimate

    I have tried using an Enterprise key with Ultimate and I can assure you it doesn't work, the key is rejected instantly, you don't never need to be connected to the internet for it to happen.
  5. The five post limit is annoying to get around, I have recently installed OSx86 and now I'm having trouble with my CD drive that is unlisted on this forum. It is difficult to moderate these forums, but it would help if users were encouraged to report users.