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  1. Distro migliore di linux

    io mi sono sempre trovato bene con OpenSuse ... poi magari devi veder tu quale ti piace di piu ma all'incirca ho riscontrato ( se ci sono ) piu o meno gli stessi problemi con tutte le distro... spero di averti "un minimo" aiutato andrea
  2. OS X 10.7 is Lion

    i'm waiting by now for this new os i like it!
  3. Running Hackintosh in public place

    is funny for me when people say.. it's this a mac?

    ciao sono Andrea, studente... è da quest'estate che smanetto con il mio portatile ma ancora ci sono delle cose che non tornano
  5. hi everybody, i'm currently running snow leopard 10.6.4 in my fujitsu amilo pi 3540 with these hardware: - cpu intel core duo t5800 - chipset intel pm45+ich9m - wifi: broadcom airport 4311 - graphic card: nvidia geforce 9300M gs my problem is that hdmi out works ... but when i set 1080p as resolution it doesn't appear fixed with the tv screen and there are black stripes on the two sides... how can i fix this? if i choose 720p it is good but i can't see my films in full hd definition. another big problem is the sound: i've installed the voodoo hda kext... but i can't enable hdmi out sounds... i don't know how to do... for graphics i've used during the installation graphicenabler with pci efi 10.6 bootloader and then i've installed over without delenting previous kext the NVENABLER kext... same things... please help me! thank you
  6. MY PROBLEM with a 8101e/8102e network ethernet pci card realtek is that no one kext works for me... it says always " cable unplugged" PLEASE guys, post the solution i need internet!