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  1. NVIDIA GeForce 9300M GS Quartz Extreme

    I have much the same problem, I would like to know how to enable my nvidia 9300m gs 256mb dedicated (with up to 768mb system memory being able to be used too) on my phillips laptop, then i'll only need to get audio working propperly and intel wifi 5100
  2. Well a very well done to you for answering a question you apparently didn't recognise (maybe it was a subconscious effort), it was not a question btw just a statement of what I would like to achieve and the specs of my system as per the very first post
  3. CPU=Intel Core 2 Duo Quad (Socket 775) I think 3.0ghz or 2.66ghz MOBO=XFX nForce 750i RAM=6gb DDR2 JDEC GFX=Nvidia 9400 2gb GDDR3/4(can't remember which sorry) NO SLI but would like to nForce Gigabit Ethernet 8 USB2.0 2x Firewire Ports 8 Chanel Audio OnBoard 3 SATA 1TB HD's SATA II USB Logitech wireless KB & Mouse + wired USB generic UK 104 key kb 1 IDE DVDRW 16x LG with SecurDisc 1 SB Live Audio Card Via PCI 1 E-SATA port 1 Color Laser Printer Samsung CLX it says 1333Mhz fsb but only 800mhz memory, the memory is kensington and passively cooled (no fans or heatsink) althogh I do have 8gb of SLI memory which will probably migrate into the box after I get new GFX cards and MacOSX of course Also I have Windows 7 and would like to upgrade to snow leopard once install is complete and will have linux on a removable 2.5" IDE usb dongle Also I have a laptop Core2Duo with IntelInsyde BIOS which boots installer fine 2.00ghz cpu I would be interested in installing on but I need to know how to shrink NTFS partition and that would be Vista + OSX(snow leopard If possible) that has onboard Nvidia 9300M GS 256mb 4GB DDR2/3 laptop ram Intel ICH9M-E/M sata AHCI controller 256gb sata hd DVDRW drive (unknown but assuming sata as laptop seems to have no ide) Realtek PCI-E GBE Famil controller (gigabit ethernet) Intel Wireless Wifi-Link 5100 Multi-Card SD MMC etc reader Intel 82801 PCI Bridge Intel 82802 firewire (although can turn off as it doesn't have an external connection) 3x ICH9 PCI-E ports (wow lol) Mobile Intel 45 Express Chipset ICH9M Interface Controller 2 USB2.0 1 E-SATA 1 HDMI NVIDIA HD Audio + Realtek HD Audio (NVIDIA for HDMI output wow) btw rather than flame on added laptop plz direct me to infos for it and just deal with XFX NForce 750i SLI cheers

    Lol (sorry) but no, if you get a copy of MacDrive you will be able to change resolution and add new drivers manually, then just use install dvd to repair permissions. Something I wanted to ask about owever is iDeneb's apparent lack of ACPIIntel drivers on the dvd (or non standard placing of these drivers) Does anyone know why this is, how this works and how to make a hd system work the same way? +Kudos on the iATIKOS info I never realised...
  5. [GUIDE] Snow Leopard Retail 10.6.X on P5Q Series

    Right here are my concerns to what you have just suggested 1) every Live dvd I have tested has just been an installer and not a live image 2) Installs in Operating Systems usually set fixed drivers so they are limited to a set of hardware 3) The installers I use seem to have no option to configure where the bootloader is installed and so must be chainloaded rather than run on their own
  6. [GUIDE] Snow Leopard Retail 10.6.X on P5Q Series

    Amazing Tut, I just have a few questions... 1) Is there any way we could install to vmware using a hd or external usb then edit its contents using macdrive 8 2) Also to what extent can we make the install "Live" when using it from external media such as usb drives, dvd's etc (I would love a live snow leopard CD/DVD) thanks for your time and effort and if I could +++++++++++REP lol
  7. The Official Dual Booting Thread

    Hi, I have tried countless DVD's on my Quad-core intel my problem is that it installs fine (occasionally need cpus=1 -v for some dvd installers) and dual boots using EasyBCD, what I need to know is why it throws a kernel panic every time I go to boot the installed system if the installer works fine. can someone please help me to understand how the installer works because running on the logic that the installer runs a osx kernel that works and my installed system obviously does not (so my bad) I'd like to manually edit / hack whatever files from my ubuntu install rather than waste any more days, also I'm guessing a benefit of this would be a truely live system because drivers etc could be loaded like the live but from a usb hd, thanx in advance clarification btw use ubuntu to edit the files not run mac apps, im not stupid * just installed MacDrive8, registered it and changed the kernel to one from an earlier dvd, it looks promising as I'm not getting a divide by zero error on load. God cpus=1 is slow though on my Quad core , if it boots I'll post again