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    rEFIt doesn't list Ubuntu

    I'm not a win7 user, so this is just a hint: I heard there are 2 win7 installation modes (MBR and GPT). If you installed as MBR it just reads the mbr table (so the fat shared partition that's not listed there won't show up), linux and MacOS instead have full GPT support, so they see that partition. For the GRUB -> 7 issue, mind the fact that on some installations 7 has the nice idea to write over GRUB at boot causing a lot of troubles (though this seems not the case...). You may want to try BURG.
  2. Hattori Shinsan

    Need help from a rEFIt expert

    I'm not rEFIt expert, but as far as i know rEFIt IS NOT a bootloader. It just let you choose WHICH bootloader to use (so for mac os it launchs bootcamp, for win the windows loader, for linux grub/burg/anything else you installed). For that same reason if you have grub configured to boot windows you can get into grub and boot win from there (quite useless though )