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  1. Ugh...this is just not meant to be...I can't get the keyboard to work or ethernet...the Mac Book Pro will not install no matter what I change in SystemVersion.plist. This is annoying....
  2. Well...installed failed 3 times now. It gets to about 17 minutes to go then stops. I'm thinking it is the DVD rom drive. Going to try with a external USB DVD rom. Hopefully that works....
  3. Ahhh...much better...no more black screen. It is installing now. Thanks for the update!!! BTW...I may need to bug you more about this install as I am a complete noob to building a Hackintosh.
  4. I for one will thank you for this guide. I have had no success. I also have the Asus g60jx-rbb05 from BestBuy and only get a black screen after I insert the OS disk and press enter. I'm using 10.6.2...from a DVD...not sure if that is the problem or not. The laptop is updated to the 206 BIOS...any reasons why it would hang at a black screen?