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  1. Swapping HDD with MBP possible?

    Will give it a go. Thanks!
  2. Hello, I am trying to figure out if i can take a mid-2012 MPB hdd and put it a different mid-2012 MBP and be able to boot it. Assuming the hdd & data is ok. Thanks. Kind of time sensitive and unfortunately do not have any way to test this theory for myself. Remote use has two macs but only one drive has his data on it.
  3. Hello All, I recently came into possession of a MBP with a broken hinge/bezel and decided to throw Mountain Lion and Ubuntu on it. Mountain Lion install was the easy part, took a bit longer than expected, never the less done and over with. I installed rEFIt Partitioned my 500GB drive (100GB for Ubuntu) Used unetbootin on 4 different USB drives (Sandisk 4GB, PNY 4GB, noname 1GB, Corsair 8GB) as I read that Mac hardware doesn't like USB drives often. Got 4 bootable USB drives (working on a separate Win laptop) Burned the x64 ISO to a DVD as well just for safe measure. Restart into the rEFIt menu, run partition tool, and choose Boot Legacy OS from HD/CD/DVD/"ubuntu usb" etc whatever the media is and every time this is done, I get a "missing OS" message and a blinking cursor. I even tried booting the boot img and get to the grub screen choose any one of the 2 install options as well as the live option and just sit staring at a blank screen. Let it sit for hours on one drive and still nothing. Tried holding C to boot off CD instead of rEFIt, cleared NVRAM, reset SMC, MacOSx works flawlessly. Linux installer just will not load. What am I doing wrong here? I cant possibly have THAT bad of luck with USB drives. Thanks for the help. /pyro PS. If anyone has or knows where I can find the hinge for the MBP I would be most appreciative as I don't feel like spending 800$ on the entire display from Apple just for a hinge/bezel