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  1. Hi guys, I'm trying to get switched over to OS X on my laptop for my business and I wanted to see if anyone has installed a certain distro on their Studio 15 with success or if they knew what I could do to get it installed. I'm currently running Win 7 x64 which is the original OS installed. My computer is a Dell Studio 15, 4 GB Ram, Intel T6600, 500 GB HD, Intel Wifi, Intel 4500 graphics. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Best beer

    My beer is definitely anything wheat. I favor blue moon or shock top, but there is a local small brewery about 30 mins down the road from me that has the best german style beer that I've ever had.
  3. I would definitely suggest saving just a little bit more money because the $300 guitar market is so much better than the lower priced market. But I would definitely go with an Ibanez or the Hamer. Behringer is a big no-no unless its something you've paid less than $40 for. Behringer products tend to have a lot of issues, and their customer support is absolutely terrible.
  4. Introduce Yourself

    I just joined here as I'm looking into the OSx86 project for my computer setup. I'm an avid recording engineer by hobby, and I miss having a mac because recording audio was so much easier for me. I'm currently starting a marketing/advertising business and I also design websites. Thanks to this community for providing such a great source of information of anything mac.
  5. Voice Changing Software

    Waves Mercury has several soundshifting plug ins that work great. Antares also makes a complete vocal suite that includes auto-tune, mic emulators, and random vocal plug ins. As stated above, Melodyne works well.
  6. Anyone run Pro Tools on a Hackintosh?

    Does anyone know about compatibility with older digi hardware? I still like using the digi 001 which I believe only goes up to the 5 or 6th version of PT.