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  1. InsanelyDuck

    Sony Vaio VPCF115FM Discussion: DSDT Injection

    I agree that SNC ( or Sonypi or one of its other names) is the problem. It governs certain acpi events and, I believe, the way the laptop "speaks" to its screen (maybe generating its own EDID for instance). Either way, on my Vaio as soon as the graphics card is correctly recognised by any means, the screen shuts down.
  2. InsanelyDuck

    Sony Vaio VPCF115FM Discussion: DSDT Injection

    Did anyone ask?
  3. InsanelyDuck

    Sony Vaio VPCF115FM Discussion: DSDT Injection

    Thanks, but Ubuntu works out of the box with no Nvidia drivers. So it must be something more than that.
  4. InsanelyDuck

    Sony Vaio VPCF115FM Discussion: DSDT Injection

    How do systems like Ubuntu and Fedora get past this issue?
  5. Sadly since Ubuntu 10.10 it is not possible to not install grub2. There is no option any longer for that. Installing grub2 to the root partition is not recommended either, as many types of file update can break grub2
  6. InsanelyDuck

    What caused this kernel panic?

    Looks like it's the OHR kext (OpenHaltRestore).
  7. InsanelyDuck

    Confusion with DSDT patching

    Thanks again Mrskain. I used DSDTSE (newest version) to edit and compile DSDT.aml (just a little edit - ie changed every occurrence of HDEF to AZAL (4 of them) then installed a new voodooHDA) to get the sound working. Placed it in Extra folder and rebooted. I can now hear myself! :-) That was the easy one. Video with an nVIDIA card on a Sony Vaio is a whole different kettle of fish. It probably isn't possible at all judging by what I'm reading. Vaios are different! Thanks again though.
  8. InsanelyDuck

    Confusion with DSDT patching

    Thanks for your reply Mrskain. In my Vista OS I installed Everest and I extracted the dsdt so I now have an acpi_dsdt.bin. I'm pretty sure that comes from my bios - not windows dsdt (whereas ioreg comes from SL's dsdt and I think would be no good). If I find out how to mount/read/edit that file (maybe dsdt patcher?) I can then research what needs changing so that my audio, wifi etc can be used by SL. That's the plan - if my thinking is right. The when it's edited and re-compiled to a DSDT.aml file I can put it into Extra/Extensions or the root - I think :-)
  9. I have read many threads on many sites and, to be honest, the more I read the more I get confused. I have a Sony Vaio AR51SU and am running Vista and iATKOS S3 v2 on the same drive. In Snow Leopard no output device is found for audio. Audio is Realtek ALC262 and Sigmatel 9872. So I thought that by patching the dsdt this may be picked up by SL. Would I be right about that? I have tried the alc262 patched applehda kext and nothing changed. One really confusing thing is that in System Profiler audio is picked up as Intel and the dev id is 9016104d - and actually that dev id is my Marvell Yukon 88E8055 ethernet card!!! I know that Ioreg can extract the acpi tables but it seems to me that it only extracts the tables from the SL installation. Wouldn't I need the tables from my bios and patch those? Do I get those with acpidump? My head hurts a lot and any help would be very much appreciated.
  10. InsanelyDuck

    Help: Snow Leopard 10.6.x on Sony VAIO VGN-SR

    Don't choose any graphic card drivers on installation. You won't get the graphics card to work fully with a Vaio. They don't communicate with the screen like any other laptop.
  11. InsanelyDuck

    iAtkos S3 on Dell E1505

    Or just the ppf file and then patch the iATKOS .iso
  12. InsanelyDuck

    Snow leopard without ahci?

    I believe SATA non AHCI is possible