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  1. Thnx Any idea how to get svideo out working with DSDT? Or do I need rom and driver combo and G-enabler?
  2. Setting Vectorize to true seems to be ignored when using 2.7.2 on my M1530 @ 10.6.6. Using the latest Chameleon. Edit: The setting seems to be active, but not enabled in the prefpanel. So I've updated Chameleon to the 747 version. The installer enables Generate P and C states. Is this necessary? I can remember reading these options are not needed for the M1530
  3. Thnx for the tip. Don't use HDMi so i'm not going to risk breaking reboot and sleep Don't use the SVideo that much, would be nice if it worked. I'll post if I get it working.
  4. tv-out (svhs). HDMi hasn't worked since 10.6.4
  5. just found out my TV-out is not working. Did anyone get it working on 10.6.5 or .6?
  6. I'm sticking to this one also, work great and don't use the second output anyway. My battery is almost dead. Windows and OSX complain that I have to replace it. Get up to one hour. My brightness is 100% 24/7. FN+ UP or DOWN does change the brightness. The OSX slider in System Preferences doesn't work. I'm using AppleACPIBatteryManager.kext, seems to work fine.. AppleACPIBatteryManager.kext.zip Ive found a working prefpane.
  7. The headphone (middle) output. Not that I use it. My prefpane is not working with your vHDA.
  8. Tried yours, my fan is 970rpm all the time.. Ill try the others. update 10.6.6, forgot the 0 and one 6 to much
  9. Hmm using your vHDA kext, no prefpane, 1 less output. Works great without scratches
  10. As we have the same motherboard and gpu, it should work without editing? Updated to with no problems.
  11. SSE2 option removes scratches in the sound in youtube, high load aps. If you don't have the option en also don't have the scratches, I prefer yours. All outputs are working. Could you please share your HDA en prefpane? And I always use Kext Utility 2.4.2 to restore rights. Ill check out Kext helper. Just updated to 1.6.6.. no problems.
  12. I'm running without fakeSMC.kext, no KP here.. Without the SSE2 setting my sound, sounds like $h1t.
  13. I have seriously no idea dude. I've tried to many, most of them googled to know where exactly I got them from. Can you please share your SMC, you have a lot more readouts. I like At this point I not using any fakeSMC, without KP's.. Anyway, my /E/E softSMC.kext SoftSMC.kext.zip And screenshot;
  14. Yeah kinda confused about softSMC and fakeSMC softSMC gives me readout points and fakeSMC doesn't do anything!? Sound works great, only the SSE2 setting is not saved I'm using the kext here.. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=240639 Btw, Happy new year!