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    AMD Hackintosh

    The thing is, I don't have any money left to buy the retail version of the OS. Even though it is only 30 bucks.

    AMD Hackintosh

    Hello guys, I am new to the whole hackintosh idea and I need help. My friend recently got a hackintosh working and I though I would too. I have built a new AMD rig. Here are the parts motherboard: GA-MA785GPMT-UD2H AM3 socket CPU: AMD Phenom II x4 965 (3.4 Ghz) GPU: HIS Ati HD radeon 5670 1GB GDDR5 memory RAM: Patriot G series ram at 1066 Mhz Hard drive: Western Digital 500gb Wireless: ASUS PCE-N13 PCI Express Wireless Adapter LAN: Realtek 8111C Audio: Realtek ALC889A What is the best distro to get all of this to work. 10.5.8 will work but I would love 10.6.3. I don't really have the money to go out and buy the retail version. Also what are the drivers or kexts I need to get all of this working. If you could post them here it would be amazing. Thanks for all your support guys. Have a good day.
  3. nice i will try this on my dads computer then.
  4. Thanks for the tut. This helps alot

    10.6.3 Released !

    cant wait till i upgrade.
  6. same problem for me =/

    Radeon HD 5870 / HD 5850

    If anyone does get this card working please post. I have been thinking of upgrading my video card and now I am having second thoughts.