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  1. thanks, it was just a permission issue. i didnt bother replacing sleep enabler, since sleep never works anyway
  2. After deleting sleep enabler.kext do you need to rebuild mkext file. just deleting that kext and rebooting seems to caues kernel panic for me
  3. downloaded the kext file (64bit version not universal) mentioned here http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=88335 extracted AppleIntelPIIXATA.kext from IOATAFamily.kext (its in plugins inside the kext) copied it into Extra/Extensions folder finally ran the kext utility tool that is part of the snow-retail package (attached in the first post of this thread) thats it, after reboot it was able to find my dvd drive attached to port 6 on my ip35-e. also bootup seems to be much faster
  4. I was able to get it to work. looks like installing efi on the new drive didnt work that well. FYI the new AppleIntelPIIXATA with support for all sata ports by dune is available, after installing this I find that I no longer have the lag during boot, it starts up quite fast.
  5. weird, i was able to get this to work before. i wiped my hard drive to move to a bigger drive, now when i first boot using -x32 -s after i do update_dyld_shared_cache and hit exit i reach till the point where it says acpi_smc_platformplug - timed out but never actually goes to snow desktop
  6. I have an ip35-e with e6600 and 4gb ram. This install method works fine. Couple of minor issues 1) I have the following BT adapter. http://dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.11866 . With this plugged in SL does not boot and stops at the log message where a usb kext related message is printed (removing and putting it after SL is booted works fine) 2) Starting seems to take a while. after all drivers are loaded and apple yukon2 driver is loaded (and a message saying link is up is printed) it waits for a good 15-20 seconds before it starts the desktop (i can see a powermanagement timeout related print before the apple yukon2 print) Does anyone face similar issues and know how it can be fixed.
  7. I have the problem with sleep as well. Btw very nice guide, except sleep everything works fine
  8. nirvanaguy19

    Succesfull install on Abit IP35 Pro

    Can you please post the steps used. I have an ip35-e that I want to install retail dvd on
  9. nirvanaguy19

    Install on the Compaq C714NR?

    You should try voodoopower.kext by superhai, my temperatures went down a lot and battery life went up too using this kext. Speedstep works pretty well. With the t2330 processor on my c751 it only scales down to 800 mhz (from 1.6ghz). I think that is a limitation of pentium dual core processor and not the speedstep implementation.
  10. nirvanaguy19

    Install on the Compaq C714NR?

    I have ideneb 1.3 working pretty well on my C751. Can anyone tell me what is the exact change needed in IOAHCIFamily or AppleAHCIPort kext files to make the icon for hard drive to not appear orange
  11. nirvanaguy19

    Lenovo ThinkPad X61 Tablet

    couple of x61 leopard questions does speed step work when leopard is installed with vanilla kernel how much battery life do you get in leopard is it possible to increase/decrease lcd brightness
  12. regarding your shutdown/restart problem, try the kext here http://store.psystar.com/opensource/openhaltrestart , it fixed my shutdown/restart problem on the abit ip35-e
  13. nirvanaguy19

    abit ip35-e , iatkos 4i, slow boot

    ideneb 1.3 worked great, video/sound/network worked out of the box, booting is way faster as well, with all sata ofcourse
  14. nirvanaguy19

    abit ip35-e , iatkos 4i, slow boot

    for ideneb 1.3 can you install with ide dvd-rw or need sata. any other issues with ideneb 1.3, does sleep work does it come with sound/network drivers
  15. I installed iatkos 4i on my ip35-e. everything works fine but bootup is extremely slow. it waits for about 30 seconds before it prints "IOKitWaitQuiet() timed out waiting to write kernel symbols" and another few seconds and then prints " InterfaceNamer: timed out waiting for IOKit to quiesce". After this boots up. Once running things are fine. I am using just a sata hdd. i have a ide dvd rw but dont have jmicron kext installed, so i dont use it in osx (shortly replacing with sata dvd-rw) any help would be appreciated