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  1. i have taken one stick of ram out at random and got past this error now. is it likely the ram is faulty or that the slot is faulty?
  2. Just to update, in the log window it says 'failed to verify BSD.pkg' 3 failuers then says it had no alternative source to copy from even though i connected to wifi thinking it may copy from apple or something
  3. sorry if this has been posted a million times but i have read a few and tried all suggestions but im stuck. have a Unibody 15" pro with snow leopard. i have got a new hard disk and setting up a new copy of OSX onto the mac. i have partitioned the disk and formatted. tried to install but recieve the error Install Failed: The installer could not copy the necessary support files i have mad an image of the CD onto a usb disk and booted off that but get the same error. the OSX DVD is slightly scuffed so maybe its making a bad image of it? i have tried removing printer support etc. i have also tried another new disk. is there anything else i can try?
  4. Hi Guys, I came from dell laptops about 12 months ago. switched to a mac after i tried vista for about 4 months. anyway, im an engineer by trade and take my laptop wherever i go. with the aluminum casing on the macbook i have noticed its dents very easily. my optical drive slot has been bent down from a number or occasions from over force when im working and moving around my desk and ther server rooms i frequent. usually fix this with a flat head screwdriver in the slot and a twist of the wrist. today i dropped my laptop bag and the bottom right corner has taken the impact. the corner of the superdrive slot. its forced the metal in and pushed the top of the slot out away from the case. it wont bend back in. coming from a Plastic PC laptop environment im used to stuff flexing, something you don't get from Alloy. Im considering moving away from a mac due to this - (my machine cant take the abuse i give it) though it does still work. However looking at the new macbook pros i see the super drive is now round the side and there are some other design changes that may prevent these types of damage. from your experience what would you recommend? the mac books are a little small for me. 15.4" is perhaps the smallest i want to go. should i buy another? has anyone else experienced easy damage like this... what do you recommend to perhaps prevent? Just some advice really.
  5. Powerbook G4 load / Boot issue

    is there a way to check this. i inserted the disk in my intel macbook and it autoran but said i couldn't install this version. i assumed that was because the disk was designed for the power PC platform not intel
  6. Hi guys, I have a macbook g4 which wont boot properly. i get the blue background and mouse cursor but nothing else. I have downloaded the 4 CD osx 1.4 torrent (cd version) but it wont boot when holding / tapping C key on boot. i have popped the disk in my new macbook pro and it reads fine. i thought there maybe an issue reading disks with my old mac so i bought a new cd drive for it but i still cant get it to boot. Any one have any suggestions?
  7. Hello. I have infront of me the original CD/DVD for My Mac Pro. Id like to try and install on my Dell XPS M170 Notebook. I have read a few guides etc and feel confident in attempting it. However i cant find any info on patching the CD/DVD. Would it be possible for someone to help me. or would it be much easyer to download a pre patched one. i do actualy have a 'downloaded' OSx image. well its the 4x CD version but it doesnt indicate that its 'patched' how do i know? and should i search for an image of a particular name? thanks for help
  8. Hello. I have checked all the hardware etc and cant see my XPS listed anywhere tho it is similar to a inspiron. nvidia 7800gtx Pentium M 2.27ghz 2gb ram broadcom 57x lan intel pro 2200bg wifi ide hdd usb blah blah