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  1. Snow Leopard on a Gateway NV53

    Wow, its bee a while since I last looked at this thread! I can't believe so many of you actually own that laptop. Im sorry if I didn't answer questions before. This was partly due to my increase in university homework and other personal reasons ( including a new hackintosh to work with ) In the coming week I'll update this post to solve many of the problems and probably update it up until Lion as soon as the new legacy kernel comes out. I'm sorry for the delay and so many frustration, and thank all of you guys who helped in my absence n.n
  2. Snow Leopard on a Gateway NV53

    sorry guys...ive been really buisy in school... ill answer all your question on the weekend.. .cheers!
  3. Snow Leopard on a Gateway NV53

    jrobinson...the wifi should work out-of the box in snow leopard!!! tell me how u isntalled Snow LEopard in urs...
  4. Snow Leopard on a Gateway NV53

    thnx dude, ill go to sleep already!
  5. Snow Leopard on a Gateway NV53

    sorry!! ahahh yeah u were right!! i was thinking u had a mac to do it!! im sorry...yeah just burn and restore it to the usb!
  6. Snow Leopard on a Gateway NV53

    im 3lite, u can just restore the iso without burning it to a dvd, u just have to have it on one of the partitions in the computer
  7. Snow Leopard on a Gateway NV53

    ok, tellme what happens
  8. Snow Leopard on a Gateway NV53

    thanks mcspcs....Dustin...did u try the usb way already as i told u?
  9. Snow Leopard on a Gateway NV53

    Sent u a pm VagueDustin
  10. Snow Leopard on a Gateway NV53

    IM_3LITE, im sorry to tell u, but those patch files only work with USB method!!! i bearly found that out this morning when i tried installing Snow LEopard on my brothers pc with a patched DVD!!! For some reason, Empire Efi doesn't boot patched DVDs, only 100% retail discs with no patches..... This may explain why we are having problems!!!! So my reccomendation to you, just buy the 16gb usb flash drive u were going to get, dont spend on dvds
  11. Snow Leopard on a Gateway NV53

    Ok, this makes everything more simple... did u just download snow leopard 10.6 ,burn it to a disc, then boot empire efi? or did u do anything additional? i was asking u if u were going to sell it with Windows 7 because some people need a patch to be able to install Snow LEo and Windows 7 without erasing Windows 7... but since u said u could reinstall it, then just burn Snow Leo 10.6, only 10.6, pop in empire efi, eject, press f5 and it should boot!!! Another thing...do u have an 8gb usb u could use for this guide? this would make everything way more simple
  12. Snow Leopard on a Gateway NV53

    mmmm i didnt mean to insult u, but ive ome across some very stupid people, so i thought maybe u had done somethingwrong!! my bad!! ahahh How much time did u wait for the disc to load? i made a snow leo dvd in the morning and that exact samething happened to me.... Are u going to sell the computer with Windows 7,too? if u arent, just burn the snow leo without any type of patch and see if it works like that
  13. Snow Leopard on a Gateway NV53

    ok dustin, did u eject the Empire EFi disc then insert the Snow Leopard, THEN press f5? what happens after u press f5?
  14. Snow Leopard on a Gateway NV53

    empire efi is for Snow Leopard!!! Only Snow Leopard!!!! Its not reccomended to install leopard on this computer, because nothing works!!! Just get Snow Leopard and install it with the new Empire EFI i linked u....that should work fine and about the avatar....if u were to do something illegal, and u had ur face as an avatar, the police could track u down and arrest u and chARGE U FOR PIRACY!! Thats why i told u not to put your face in sites like this!!! and no i live in Texas
  15. Snow Leopard on a Gateway NV53

    Sorry Guys!!! IM 3Lite, and Vaguedustin..... u have to download a correct version of Empire EFI!!! im sorry, but i hadnt noticed i had uploaded an newer version!! the newer version is harder to get working, so use the easiest and most effective EMpire Efi HERE or download it from the first post, i just updated it