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  1. Problem SOLVED added the device ID 2822 in 7 Series Chipset string After that when boot osx even BIOS in raid mode (not AHCI) OSX can also boot properly
  2. so, which kext will affect that? and how to modify that kext? thanks
  3. How to add Intel's device ID for RAID in SATA driver? due to my system have raid0 and non raid HD, but I just want to install osx in non raid HD The Last version (10.8) can recognized my sata system, even BIOS in raid mode only the raid0 HD cannot see, but the others can work fine!
  4. 10.9.1 cannot recognize intel 7 series in RAID mode I installed 10.9.1 in USB HD driver in SATA\AHCI mode, can work fine, But, change BIOS, SATA\RAID mode, system cannot recognize intel 7 series anymore BTW, the previous version, such as 10.8.3 can work fine ## in RAID mode, I know only can discover non raid system disk
  5. I can confirm too, I try with NVDAResman.kext & NVDANV50Hal.kext (6.0.6) 10.6.1 and (6.0.2) 10.6.0, both are work fine for me. notes: first time installed but not really boot in snow, use another mac to replace that 2 file first, its will cause the system did not load that extensions. Then I need to replace the original in sl/s/l/extensions to boot in snow, of cause the HDMI port got black screen in entry to destop status, I need to use vga port to boot in, then replace the 10.6.0 or 10.6.2 again, its ok to boot in destop with HDMI port, haha
  6. I have 2 lan conponent , [1] lan card RTL8139 100m, [2] onboard gigalan 1000m the lan card 100m dose not work in 64bit mode, but in 32bit that is fully work, is that need to have 64bit driver?
  7. thanks 6t6Mustang, but when boot to anv kernel 9.6.0, the cpu speed still a 860mhz, whats cause the cpu speed drop??
  8. my system intel Q9400 oc to 3440mhz, when updated to 10.5.7, cpu speed drop down crazyly another question, the combo kit include voodoo and anv kernel, how can I access them. how to boot sys using the "anv" or "voodoo" kernels, thanks
  9. my mobo is p43 chipset, cpu intel E2180 when I install any version of leopard e.g. kalway 10.5.2 / 10.5.3 / iATKOS_4i.iso (10.5.4) All of them are failed to install Is there have any sucessfull installed case??
  10. the partition af type can also setup by Acronis disk director 10 just modify the partition type, that have "af" to choose
  11. the CI/QE can support, only the color can't modify
  12. AMD platform is that different to real mac system
  13. how to display apple icon with gray background like intel cpu boot up I thing that is beautifully than shown the text only
  14. New AMD DVD for leopard

    During bootup the system freezes with an error: Kernel Version: Darwin Kernel Version 9.1.0: Fri Nov 16 14:50:43; made by ToH:xnu-1228.0.2~1/Build/obj/RELEASE_I386 only can boot up with option -x, with this option, sys can detect my 7600gt, also can change resoulation, calbriate color after remove ge*.kext / nv*.kext, the system can boot normally, but get it back to extensions\ it wont boot same as above
  15. New AMD DVD for leopard

    Thanks naquaada, this link is useful, thanks.