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  1. Asus maximus IV Gene-Z Hackintosh

    Cool well I'm interested along with both of you to get it working properly. My install is iAtkos L1. I couldn't get my retail SL disc and [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] loaded, I just ended up with a reboot before the OSX installed loaded. iAtkos worked without any loading arguments (-x etc). I'm really unsure about the whole DSDT stuff and kexts to be honest. It works but I know it's not working to full efficiency, which is what I'm aiming for. Between the three of us, I'm sure we can make it happen. The fundamentals of my machine are: - Asus Maximus Gene IV - Intel 2600K (clocked to 4.6Ghz) - Nvidia GTX 280 - 16Gb RAM
  2. Asus maximus IV Gene-Z Hackintosh

    I got that a lot. I ended up using iAktos L1 and that allowed it to install perfectly That said, I'm still waiting for a reply to this thread!
  3. Asus maximus IV Gene-Z Hackintosh

    Shameless bump!
  4. Asus maximus IV Gene-Z Hackintosh

    Hey, I thought I'd just tag on instead of making a new thread. I'm just enquiring about what I need to do to get this working.... So far, I have Lion running okay on my Gene Z (on a 2600K processor with 16Gb RAM + GTX280), which boots from Chameleon v2.0 r1393. The only thing that doesn't seem to work is sleep/hibernation modes. I've flashed many BIOS's before now so I'm not too worried there, is this patch based on the new bios that supports 22nm processors (ie IvyBridge)? I know they aren't out yet! So do I have to replace Chameleon with RevoBoot? I've read the post on it, but it's really confusing me! Things like attaching the miniSSDT in /Extra/ACPI. Can anyone give me a nudge in the right direction please? Thank you
  5. Right well, so far so good! My system is stable and 90% of it's working perfectly. So thanks. As it happens, I only have 2 issues. 1. Sleep doesn't work at all. Seems to go into it, but won't come out again. Is that typical behaviour with the sleepenabler kext on a 680i board? I think I read that in the first post that it's not possible as yet? 2. Firewire Soundcard issue. The onboard sound works fine, however the Focusrite Saffire LE is proving to be a bit of a $"*("$. If it's not plugged in, the system is fine, no issues at all. However, when I plug in, at some point, the OS completely freezes. No panic info on screen, it just freezes. When it works, the sound is fine from it, although if I'm listening to itunes or spotify, there's a small blip in the sound every 2 mins or so. Anyway, eventually it will always hang, be it after 2 mins, or 15. Quite random really! So, is it likely to be the kext that controls firewire or the device itself? There are no specific kexts for it, just a program to monitor it. Just as a side note however, with a bit of testing previously, (like before), if I was to boot the system using the EFIEmpire 1.085R2 boot CD I made, it never hangs with this device plugged in. Many thanks again for you previous response. Even if these 2 issues can't be fixed, this hackintosh is sweet and I'll be happy. After all, I'm writing this from it!!
  6. WOOHOOO!!!!! That was excitement to find this thread after much searching. I've had a little look at the first post and as useful as it is, I find it so overwhelming! Before I persevere, it would be good if someone could give me a heads up! I have tried it on a number of occasions with little luck. Lots of panics and hanging etc. First of all, here's my hardware Core components: ASUS Striker Extreme (680i chipset); (2 Nvidia LAN, Firewire, Soundcard) Intel Q6600 Core2 quad 2.4GHz Processor; Nvidia GTX280; 2xSATA 500Gb HDD's. One used for Win7 and the other for MacOS; 1xIDE DVD writer; Other random bits: (not sure if they effect install) Wirelessn RaLink TR2760 PCI card; Card reader; Saffire LE firewire soundcard; USB backup drive; Space Pilot Navigator; DVB2 Usb satellite box Vray dongle! Anyway, I tried EFI Empire V1.085R2 and Retail SL. Using VESA mode for graphics (wouldn't load otherwise), I got SL booting with the CD. As soon as I tried booting without EFI Empire & with Chameleon 2 r4, it gets into the macos when the mouse pointer first appears and hangs completely. Tried copying various kexts over but it always does this Then I tried using EFI Empire V1.085R2 with iAktos s3 v2 and it installs and runs fine (with full graphics, not VESA). However again after installing Chameleon (tried lots of bootloaders by the way), it STILL just hangs when it gets into the OS. NB. I want to be running the OS in x64 and install off the SL disk I bought not iAktos if possible. Is this the right place to help? Thanks! Jon ***EDIT*** I was also told on a hackint0sh channel on mIRC that the Nvidia SATA is too buggy and will never be stable and that I need an SATA pcie card. Is that true?