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  1. I created this script some time ago, but unfortunately, I couldn't finish it due to particular issues and time... It mounts some kinds of filesystems, and also, can create/change fstab... If someone wants, feel free to improve it... > https://bitbucket.org/kyndder/imounter
  2. kyndder


    If you create a Installer using BaseSystem method, you'll be able to mount any partition of an external or internal drive, as you'll have R/W filesystem, but, if you are using this method, why not place needed kexts at /S/L/E or /L/E?
  3. kyndder

    Clover General discussion

    I have the same message during boot process... kyndders-Mac-Pro:~ kyndder$ sudo dmesg | grep IOGraphics IOGraphics flags 0x43 Maybe some developer can figure this out looking at the sources... > http://www.opensource.apple.com/source/IOGraphics/IOGraphics-485.10.3/IOGraphicsFamily/IOFramebuffer.cpp __private_extern__ "C" kern_return_t IOGraphicsFamilyModuleStart(kmod_info_t *ki, void *data) { gIOFBSystemWorkLoop = IOGraphicsWorkLoop::workLoop(0, NULL, NULL, NULL); if (!gIOFBSystemWorkLoop) panic("gIOFBSystemWorkLoop"); gAllFramebuffers = OSArray::withCapacity(1); gStartedFramebuffers = OSArray::withCapacity(1); gIOFramebufferKey = OSSymbol::withCStringNoCopy("IOFramebuffer"); gIOGDebugFlags = kIOGDbgVBLThrottle | kIOGDbgLidOpen; if (version_major >= 14) gIOGDebugFlags |= kIOGDbgFades; uint32_t flags; if (PE_parse_boot_argn("iog", &flags, sizeof(flags))) gIOGDebugFlags |= flags; if (PE_parse_boot_argn("niog", &flags, sizeof(flags))) gIOGDebugFlags &= ~flags; IOLog("IOGraphics flags 0x%x\n", gIOGDebugFlags); gIOFBLidOpenMode = (0 != (kIOGDbgLidOpen & gIOGDebugFlags)); gIOFBVBLThrottle = (0 != (kIOGDbgVBLThrottle & gIOGDebugFlags)); gIOFBVBLDrift = (0 != (kIOGDbgVBLDrift & gIOGDebugFlags)); gIOGFades = (0 != (kIOGDbgFades & gIOGDebugFlags)); if (!PE_parse_boot_argn("iognotifyto", &gIOGNotifyTO, sizeof(gIOGNotifyTO)) || !gIOGNotifyTO) { gIOGNotifyTO = kSystemWillSleepTimeout; } DEBG1("IOGraphics", " notify timeout %ds\n", gIOGNotifyTO); return (kIOReturnSuccess); } Doesn't seems (to me), something that may influence the system behaviour though....
  4. kyndder

    Clover General discussion

    Looking at your signature, you have 2x1 TB SSD and 2x3 TB HDD... You have OS X installed at a FusionDrive or a RAID set? If yes, there's no way to make a SafeBoot or to boot without kext caches... Any kind of Core Storage devices doesn't exists at the bootloader level, only at OS level, and because of this, there's no device to read from...
  5. kyndder

    Clover General discussion

    Oh! Nice to hear this! There are some users wanting to know more about Secure Boot, that was implemented by apianti, but wasn't finished... The whole "known" research was at ProjectOSX... The same for OsxAptioFixDrv, its variants... This, not taking in count many other "great" stuff like Pene's PatchVBios findings... It would be a great thing have it again at a known place! No, I don't want nothing specific for now... Thank you!
  6. kyndder

    Clover General discussion

    I think you may be right about the hibernation mode you are using (7 bit 111), but, if i'm not wrong (and probably I am, as I'm not even close to a low level programmer ), using bit 2 will enable encryption right? The slide=0 was a workaround made to force boot.efi to be loaded at a specific memory block, and it's needed since Mountain Lion... Nowadays, it's automatically set (slide=0), without the need of the user manually add it... dmazar gave us some formulas and complete instructions on what are the best memory regions to use, and on how to use this regions by setting its slide value at Clover, obviously, different than 0... It was a HUGE amount of information, that unfortunately was lost, and maybe, only dmazar will have a documentation...
  7. kyndder

    Clover General discussion

    All documentation regarding Hibernation was at ProjectOSX, that unfortunately is down... Proper hibernation depends on many things, CPUPM, GPUPM, ACPI Table, HDD/SDD, including bootloader capability to resume it... And Clover has this capability... But in some cases, there are some tricks that must be used with Clover, like proper slide value, and at OS X, like proper hibernatemode to make it work... The proper slide value apparently (for the most of users) was fixed by using OsxAptioFixDrv2, but you still need some things... For example, you'll never have proper sleep using OsxAptioFixDrv2+slide=0+hibernatemode=0, but maybe using OsxAptioFixDrv2+slide=0+hibernatemode=3... If i'm not wrong, the first successful report from dmazar was using hibernatemode=25 on a regular HDD, but the same settings using a SSD not worked... Let's hope that some of this information can be recovered, and that ProjectOSX can be back again!
  8. kyndder

    Clover General discussion

    Thanks to Clover's Devs we have the ability to use KextsToPatch for AICPUPM, AHDA and IOAHCIBS...
  9. kyndder

    OS X Yosemite DP's builds!

    Run... sudo rm -rf /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/NetworkInterfaces.plist Reboot and try again...
  10. kyndder

    Should've got a Mac 3.1 Need Yosemite help!

    Do you guys looked at "all" files linked to the post that I've sent the link above? Specifically THIS? The guy who created that method are using "workarounds" commonly used at Hackintoshes. like modified boot.efi, PlatformSupport.plist, InstallableMachines.plist, OSInstall.mpkg, SMBIOSEFI.kext and even VoodooHDA.kext... The thing is, it will work for Yosemite?
  11. kyndder

    Should've got a Mac 3.1 Need Yosemite help!

    Probably they used this method to install Mavericks > http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?p=18741613 There are many successful reports using this method, but, I don't know if will work for Yosemite...
  12. Take a look here > http://www.hackintoshosx.com/topic/21641-taking-advantage-of-the-uefi-firmware/
  13. The only driver that can be replaced at your folder for his correspondent (if you want to try it) is HFSPlus-64.efi... This collection provided by AnV are only FileSystem drivers that (also) can be used with Clover... They wasn't built specifically for Clover...
  14. Hi AnV, I was unable to compile the drivers in 32bit and you came up with the solution! No matter what I tried, I could not generate the config.h for IA32... Thank you!
  15. kyndder


    Clover UEFI... Here's the new dump > http://cl.ly/2t0H4641262u Thank you again!