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  1. Yeah, I had the same error too. I'll try to use the workaround....
  2. @Doix The download link for the lion 1.2 package installer links to lion 1.1 package download... So I can restore ML to a sd card and then boot from it?!
  3. Just installed a RR 644 into an asus x79 sabertooth motherboard and now I can't boot into lion. I'm not trying to boot from the external raid enclosure, but still from the dedicated internal drive containing lion. There are no problems if I boot from the drive containing windows 7 64bit. It looks like chameleon is hanging, seems like it reads the disks but hangs just before getting to the boot selection screen. Thanks!
  4. Aghhhh. Managed to finally boot back into 10.7.4 after the update but with no battery and incorrect temps... So... I ran Lion 1.1 and must have installed something wrong. After the install I had a bunch of "kext improperly installed" messages. Ran Kext Wizard to repair and rebuild. Now I have a KP. I guess I'm still a noob. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. Ok, I did try the commands you gave, but that might have been when I had the mid-matched ssdt. I'll try again. Thanks. @DoiX ran the commands again. No change. It's not slow because of the extra kexts loading, -v loads some, but not as many as -f (-f gets to "still waiting for root device"). It just moves very slowly through each process, finishing with the blue screen. Can I restore directly from time machine backup, or do I have to do a fresh install, then use the time machine backup?
  6. The ssdt fixed the KP, but now the original problem remains, slow boot to a blue screen. @DioX I booted into the 10.6 installation and repaired the permissions and and rebuilt the kext cache and still the same problem... is there a way i could re-install the update and v7 from single user mode?
  7. I tried it.... It didn't fix the problem. I used an old 10.6 installation on another disk to boot into it (10.6) via usb and then ran the v7 package again. Now i get a KP. See photos.. One booted with -v one without.. Thanks again! Mark.
  8. I might have messed up my install... I upgraded to 10.7.4 from 10.7.2 then ran v7 installer. Selected the i7 processor and full HD options, replaced the DSDT and patched the 10.7.4 AIPM kext. It boots really slowly, then eventually gets to the blue screen and stalls there. If i wait till the display sleeps and then wake it, the desktop will appear, the trackpad works, but clicking doesn't and either does the keyboard. The resolution is correct. If I boot with -v it seems like there are a few lines about an error with thermal and a few stalls with a line something like "super iodevice manager unsupported ship" Help Please!
  9. Does anyone know how to disable the bluetooth assistant from automatically opening to look for a keyboard? It seems that lion doesn't recognize the existence of the keyboard, even though it works.
  10. Yeah that makes sense, but the function keys are not doing it either. I changed back to function keys from multimedia keys in the bios, and that didn't help. I'd like to boot into windows and see if it is off there, but after installing lion, I get BSOD booting windows!!! @one9092002 I tried to reinstall the kexts, but that didn't help. edit: I managed to use a backup to somehow get to windows and hit the fn+f2 buttons, and it is now on! Thanks for the help!
  11. Can anyone tell me why my Dell1510 wifi card will not work in the wifi card slot. I installed Lion with it in the wifi slot, and it is recognized, but I can't turn it on. If I take it out and put it in the wwan slot, it is recognized and can turn on and it works. Any ideas?
  12. I got it to work: When I installed the package, I got 2 kext not properly installed errors.... right click>show package contents>Packages> right click on jmb38x.pkg > show package contents> open Archive.pax.gz > use kext wizard to install the two kexts> voila! sd card!
  13. Will this work using a 10.6.8 installation? For number 4, it that installing to a separate partition? Or over the 10.6.3(8) partition?