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  1. Leopard Beta

    As already pointed out, it was a fake... Torrent has been removed. More waiting...
  2. Leopard is leaked on OiNK

    Hurray... for a fake image once again...
  3. Leopard Beta

    Well... Personally, I think it's gonna take a bit longer seeing as only the developers present at WWDC gets the beta. But that's just a guess.
  4. No new build on ADC.

    Finally! I thought I was the only one going mad over the "Second tuesday of every month" when I was always thinking "second thursday..." considering the dates. Oh well... Let's keep our fingers crossed for a 9A3XX with a revamped GUI!
  5. New Build-9A303

    Works fine on my G5.
  6. Leopard build 9A283 has leaked!

    Can somebody seed it on demonoid?
  7. Leopard build 9A283 has leaked!

    I want to know if there are any signs of Multi-threaded OpenGL for PPC in this build. Thanks.