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  1. Lenovo S10E

    Lenovo s10e is an extremely ultra portable netbook and one of the thinnest and lightest netbook in 10” class. With significant improvements both in features and performance compared to its predecessors, s10e quickly increase Lenovo netbook sales. There has been continuous improvement by Lenovo warranty repair centers to provide customers with the fast and friendly services. Like its predecessor S10, Lenovo’s IdeaPad S10e is also powered by Intel’s Atom processor, and has up to 2GB of RAM and integrated graphics. 160GB hard drive or 4GB SSD for storage is available. Internet features for this netbook is WiFi, Ethernet and optional Bluetooth supported by a standard ExpressCard 34 slot for expansion. Another advantage of Lenovo S10e is that it can run Windows XP Home or SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop from Novell. S10e is specifically targeted for students as it is aimed to be primarily an education netbook. That’s why the company offers extremely cheap Lenovo netbook deals. Compared to its competitors such as HP netbook in this class, Lenovo s10e has advantages of thinner design and very competitive performance. Lenovo is one brand that is always awaited eagerly by netbooker communities.
  2. Toshiba netbook section

    Yes friend, If your are interested in Toshiba netbook so it would be good for you because I heard lots a positive review of Toshiba Netbook! Best Of Luck!
  3. MSI Wind with retail installation randomly shuts down

    Good post. Thanks for sharing such a nice information regarding MSI Wind!