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  1. Thank you, CMMChris for releasing this! I've just moved to OpenCore and decided to put also this in test, and it works great!
  2. Thegn

    OpenCore Discussion

    **** Edit: All works now. 5.1 audio, monitors and monitor power off/power on (no black screen)). **** Hi, I am (or at least trying to), move to OpenCore. Now I struggle with my 3 monitors and my Asus AMD Radeon VII. With OpenCore only the primary monitor works and the two other monitors does not show up at all in System Profiler. With Clover all monitors work. No special injection in Clover for the monitors - they just work. Running the latest Lilu and WhatEverGreen kexts. OpenCore is the latest beta compiled today (Nov. 5). SMBIOS: imacpro1,1. All BIOS settings are set per the OpenCore guidelines. The iGPU is disabled in BIOS. Any tips, please?
  3. Thegn

    OpenCore Discussion

    Hi, I got OpenCore booting, and I now want to do all the correct SSDT's. According to the Vanilla Guide, I should use two SSDT's (I have an ASUS Maximus Formula VIII, so Skylake it is): 1. SSDT-PLUG 2. SSTD-EC-USBX The guide says one could use the SSDTTime script for the EC part, but as far as I understand, it only makes a SSTD-EC.aml, NOT a SSTD-EC-USBX.aml? Also, I'm a bit confused about all the EC renaming, as the SSDT-EC-USBX.dsl says we should not rename from EC0, H_EC, etc. to EC? How should I proceed to make a correct SSDT/SSDT's for my Skylake Asus Maximus Formula VII running Catalina? Glad for any help! Cheers,
  4. Thegn

    OpenCore Discussion

    I just did the switch from Clover to OpenCore myself. I spent perhaps around 10 hours reading, grinding and failing before it worked for me. I hope someone will help, but in the meantime, I suggest you read some guides on OC. There are guides corresponding to different intel chipsets, for instance. Find your match if you can, and read to get to know more about OpenCore. It is very different from Clover, albeit there are similarities and things you could perhaps reuse in your configuration. It is good to have the knowledge about OpenCore the day when you need to upgrade your OpenCore installation. Also, at first, install OpenCore on a USB stick and try to boot from it. In that way, you still have Clover left on your EFI harddrive and can boot from it if OpenCore fails. Hope it works out! Cheers,
  5. Thegn

    OpenCore Discussion

    **** Edit: Solved **** I disabled CSM, and I think that was what made it work. I also generated a new DSDT.aml from Clover. Audio works, Radeon VII works. Doing some cosmetics, adding device properties so the hardware shows under PCI in System Profiler. I will probably move from Clover to OpenCore after some testing. Thank's devs! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hi everyone, I wonder if someone would like to help me with moving from Clover to OpenCore. I spent several hours reading about the installation and trying to get my OC USB boot into Catalina 10.15.1 without success. All works very well with Clover, but obviously I'm configuring OC wrong in some way. My system: Maximus Formula VIII with a Core i7-6700K, 64GB RAM, AMD Radeon VII. I've disabled the iGPU in BIOS [Settings to: PEG] because I'm using SMBIOS iMacPro1,1 which I've read is the best when using Radeon VII. Running OC build 0.5.3 built October 31. What I tried so far: Running with and without ACPI EC, USB .aml files Using and not usingUSBInjectAll. Tested to patch AppleRTC, and not. Using agdpmod=pikera, and not. The system hangs shortly After "com.apple.AppleFSCompressionTypeDataless load succeeded", which I've read somewhere could be something relating to graphics issues, because it starts to load after that. But I don't know what I can do more about the graphics configuration then run the latest WEG and trying with/without agdpmod=pikera. I've attached my OC config.plist and an image from about where it hangs. Grateful if someone could provide me with a solution or tips that can help me! Cheers, config.plist
  6. I got it all working yesterday, it seemed. I just changed resolution, and checked some news sites and shutdown the computer. This morning when I booted up, it booted to black screen... I removed an old AGDP-patch I had, and entered the agdpmod=pikera, and now it works. Hope it holds now.
  7. Update: I tested to update to beta 2, and it worked well. For me there was no need to use agdpmod=pikera. May I ask what patches are needed in order to get the Radeon VII working without WEG? Thank you in advance, Cheers,
  8. Thegn

    [pre-release] macOS Catalina

    Thank you for your help, nytr0! I will test this! Cheers,
  9. Thegn

    [pre-release] macOS Catalina

    I tried to upgrade to Clover v2.4k r4972 from Clover v2.4k r4961, but the installation fails with an error message like: "This package is not compatible with this version of macOS. The package tries to install content on the system volume". Contact the software developer and ask for assistance". Running Catalina Beta 2.
  10. Thegn

    [pre-release] macOS Catalina

    Thank's for the tips here, the new Clover version and the compiled Lilu kext! I successfully updated, but I have to boot with -wegoff in Clover. Guess we need a new Whatevergreen kext. So I only have one monitor instead of 3 for the moment. But I'm glad the update went so smooth. Hope it goes as smooth for most of you here. 10.15 seems like a nice new version! Cheers,
  11. Thegn

    Chameleon 2.4svn Official PKG Installer

    Hi, I've just bought an GainWard GTX 580 3072MB Phantom graphics card, installed on a Maximus Formula motherboard. Fresh install of IAtkos L2. My problem is that I keep getting this error upon boot (with GraphicsEnabler=Yes): bad display config block signature (0xaa5555aa) ERROR: nVidia ROM Patching Failed! I have tested to install a fresh Lion, with several different GTX 5xx-kexts with GraphicsEnabler. Same error. I have tested to install a fresh Lion, with several different GTX 5xx-kexts without GraphicsEnabler, and added ATY_init or NVenabler (as some have reported success with them). But without luck. At best it loads until just before the login screen, but then the screen turns black. My graphics card device id is: 10DE-10810, which the various GTX 5xx-kexts already have implemented. So without much knowing, I think the problems is in Chameleon. Can anyone please help me out? Thank you all devs
  12. [Edit] Graphics now work. Previousle I had GraphicsEnabler set to "no", which worked fine. But now I had to enable it for it to work. Now I just need audio to work! [/Edit] Hi, I had Lion installed sucessfully, but decided to upgrade with the files in the new installation method and a new DSDT. I then upgraded to 10.7.2 per instructions. During boot everything is ok, but when the login screen should show, the screen gets black. I've tried GraphicsEnabler enabled and disabled but no difference. Please help! HP DV8-1190eo
  13. Hi! Thank you for the fast reply! During my first original tests, I used your dsdt and did not have the GraphicsEnabler boot flag enabled (until my later tests). Finally I got my system up, but it seems to freeze very often. QE/CI works (I got the ripple effect when adding widgets), but it does not report QE/CI in System Profiler which fooled my thinking it did not work (slap on my head). Before I installed the 10.6.4 Combo update I used Pacifist to get the Mac Pro Book graphics update 1.3 pack installed. It did not work to install it the way Mammoth described in his guide. So now I got 10.6.4 with the latest security patches, graphics update, QE/CI! But the system freezes a lot. Hmmm.... I will test some more. Could it be the manually (Pacifist) installed graphics update? I don't know if this has to do something with the system instability, but I use a modified Mammoth smbios.plist in the Extras folder. I have removed everything from it from the serial text and down. (I just want my system to show it's a Mac Book Pro). Your dsdt is much better showing correct memory and speed :-) Thank you very much, hope you'll continue the development! Cheers!
  14. Hi! Thank you Yehia Amer for this guide and the files! I have a brand new HP DV8-1190eo, which I'm trying to install OSX on. I have been trying for nearly two days with various successes. My main problem is that I'm not able to get QE/CI working on my Nvidia 230M graphics card. First I tried you method, but I could not get QE/CI working. Then I tried Mammoth guide, with installing the Mac Pro Graphics update. But the Installer kept complaining that it did not suppor my computer. (Yes, I did replace that file in System/..., repaired permissions etc. before trying). I have also tried mixing those two guides, for instance starting with Yehias guide, trying to install the graphics update, various partitions schemes, trying with Chameleons GraphicsEnabler, but no success... OSX just hang when copying a file now (the file mentioned above in Mammoth guide), so now OSX borked again. I'm now starting my fifth or sixth installation from scratch... Is something missing in the DSDT? Can I use some kext enablers instead? If so, which one, and *exactly* which kext do I need to remove and/or install? Please help!! :-) P.s. Yehia, in you guide at step 6 (starting ShowAll), my Finder always screws up. When I try to open the CD or any folder/file, the Finder restarts very fast (refreshes for half a second/second), but does not open any folder/file. I need to restart the computer with the boot CD before I can continue with step 7.
  15. The same applies for me. After install, the first boot with Welcome screen and setting a user works in 64bit mode (if it runs in that mode the first boot?). However, after doing the setup and rebooting, it hangs. I tried with/without repairing disks in both 32/64bits mode, no change. Booting in 32bit mode works. I found this post: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...20&start=20 (Check post #32). "Everything working in 32-bit mode. 64-bit Kernel Panics on boot at IntelPowerManagement.kext, and times out on ethernet if IntelPowerManagement is removed." Might be something to try? But it would perhaps break sleep? Also I minor is that VoodooHDA does not output through SPDIF for me, only 2 channels. I will try to edit the DSDT and see if I can get it working that way. Cheers,