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  1. MB-X58I-CH19 - Problems to boot installer

    hey can u just give the link of which iatkos u r using??? please hepl caus m using the same mobo... which gpu ur using by the way............. and have u tried to run FCP???? on this iatkos.....
  2. Thankx al lot guys for your valued reply i have install snowleopard 10.6.3 on vmware Workstation successfully through derwin it work well but as due to the limit of vram to 128mb i cant install FCP thus i decided to install straight on bord but before i do that i have to know that is there any risk of cpu lock or severe damage to my PC so i thought of asking you guyz for the suggestion..... And Yep i have also tried EMPIRE EFI on virtual box it work fine toooooooooo but virtual box to have a vram limit of 128 mb now as i had a 1gb gpu which i want to utilise to the fullest in FCP so m here......... Now the guyz wondering for why i have mention CPU cooler informstion here just to give you a clear view of my RIG and to get a suggstion is it suffecient to control the extra mercury that may rise if i try to install Hacingtosh (Snowleopard Retail) in my PC........ Thats all for now guys Keep in touch.. will reply soon with any progress in my HACMAC project................... So Long Guyz Take Care...............
  3. Hi guyz i am new to hackingtosh.... I did Some GOOGLEing but i didnt find a guide that deal with same kinda config as i had in my case... so i am confused in how to get things work and from where i will get proper hack drivers for my components to make them work So You guyz here at insanelyMAC PLEASE PLEASEhelp me out............. First of all let me introduce you with my pc that i am planing to install Mac OSX 10.6.3 Snowleopard to run FCP and other mac apps..... here is the detail Config/Spec of my pc:- CPU : Core i7 P920 Mobo: XFX X58i RAM: 2X2GB corsair DDR3 1600FSB GPU: XFX NVIDIA GTX285 1GB PSU: Tagan 1100w HDD: 2XSeagate 1TB CPU Cooler: COOLER MASTER V8 Now people heres the question is WILL Snowy Run on this Hardware???? IF yes please give me a detail step by step guide on how to get mac 10.6.3 install and make FCP run too......... And one more Question is there a risk of getting CPU lock while installing Mac on my PC?????
  4. Finally Got Snowy running successfullty on VMWARE But cant increase the vram or make my GPU ditect so that i can run FCP is there a way to get fcp work on virtual mac my pc config is on my sig PLZ HELP ME IF U CAN
  5. Final cut pro installation problems

    Trying to install FCP on my mac snowy 10.6.3 on vmware workstation but cant increase my vram?? my pc gonfigis on my sig.... is there a way to solve this pronlem.... as i desparately need to install FCp for learning but dont have enough cash to buy a macpro so help PLEASE
  6. GeForce 200 series support

    Planing for a mac 10.6.3 installation on my PC (config on my sig) So ssearching for a driver of my GPU XFX NVIDIA GTX285 it will be very help ful if i get a driver for my GPu............. THANKX in Advance............ AS i need to run FCP on this HACINGTOSH
  7. hi Guyz I did a installation of mac Snowy(Snowleopard) Retail on a Virtual box with Empire EFi on my Windows Vista Pc it work absolutely fine..................