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  1. kernel panic on 1525 with 10.7.5

    got everything working, now having kp when trying to get audio working
  2. kernel panic on 1525 with 10.7.5

    i have figured out the issue causing the kernel panic now, however i got 10.7.5 working, however my intelcpumonitor.kext is whats causing the gmax3100 kp, any suggestions? and also basically my harddrive isnt showing up wifi/ethernet isnt working as well... as if the motherboard drivers are missing now... I test off an external drive then clone to my pc drive if everything works..
  3. kernel panic on 1525 with 10.7.5

    it was running in 32 bit mode... 10.7.5 been an issue for a while now for me..
  4. kernel panic on 1525 with 10.7.5

    its possible, when i got everything running originally had to mix multiple install methods. now that i think about it, i changed the video drivers to try to fix the mouse lag issue... never effected my system before.
  5. I'm determined to fix my issues here. so my current issue is im getting a kp on my gmax3100 see attached picture. Any help would be appreciated. Im sort of a newb but i managed to get my hackintosh going this far so im wanting to see if i can perfect this. thanx in advance
  6. HELP with Inspirion 1525 on 10.7.5 plz

    i have 10.7.3 running perfectly, i had 10.6.8 running perfectly as well. Im just trying to update to the newest os. Have you tried to update to 10.7.5 thanks for the help here. Now im getting the os freezing at loading voodoo battery... no kp:( I like to install on a external drive to fine tune the installation then clone it over to my notebook (when its safe).
  7. HELP with Inspirion 1525 on 10.7.5 plz

    have it installed but its still not loading.... its taking the harddrive a while to load but it hasnt even started loading the kexts. I wonder what options would i need to select on here, i added the arch=i386 to the boot arguements... btw thanks for the input.
  8. HELP with Inspirion 1525 on 10.7.5 plz

    that was i386.... the 10.7.4 and 10.7.5 is.... strange to say at the least.. kernel panic after kernel panic..... like they were loaded with popcorn for how they keep popping up..
  9. HELP with Inspirion 1525 on 10.7.5 plz

    heres my current kernel panic, help?
  10. HELP with Inspirion 1525 on 10.7.5 plz

    when i posted this i was hoping for drivers for my pc that works (i have learned that there are several "packs" available that dont work on every version of the 1525), i started over and i was expecting the error. I will update in a few, i dunno whats going to happen... thanx for the rapid reply...
  11. Im trying to update from 10.7.3 to 10.7.5 but im getting kernel panics out the wazoo, im wondering if someone has a "pack of drivers/etc" that will work? because when i do get it to install (on a external) my internal drive will not show up and the bootup time is insanely long (and thats in safe mode) anyone that got this system working that can help would greatly be appreciated.