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    [Guide] HP Elitebook 8560W installation Guide

    After trying to reinstall VoodooPS2 in order to try to get the mouse functioning with 3 finger gestures I've now lost all mousepad activity. Reinstalled the kext using kexthelper here are the privileges on the kexts. drwxr-xr-x@ 3 root wheel 102 Apr 17 11:25 VoodooPS2Controller.kext It should be working....
  2. olibuijr

    [Guide] HP Elitebook 8560W installation Guide

    Rock solid stability after removing the battery manager. No hangups when resuming! Downside is i can't see the battery level anymore. Any advice with choppy mouse? It's not working with 3 finger gestures either, only 2. What kext provides this function?
  3. olibuijr

    [Guide] HP Elitebook 8560W installation Guide

    I'm really happy about my setup. I'm using AppleHDA and external monitors are working though DP. My mouse is a bit choppy to move around but it works ok, i usually dock the computer to a dock and use usb keyboard and mouse. Everything on the dock works. The problem is however, if i put the computer to sleep and unplug it and move to a new place, it will crash within half an hour of resuming. This is annoying as i run a Windows 7 machine inside OSX using VMWare Fusion. Ive even noticed instances where I've just accidentally unplug the computer and then around half hour later i'd crash. Using all the Kexts in the post, not using VoodooHDA though. Any advice what to do regarding the crashes? Otherwise this is working sweet
  4. olibuijr

    [Guide] HP Elitebook 8560W installation Guide

    Hey all I found that my ethernet card wasn't working again when cable pulled from the computer. It would never get an ip address again, an thus needed a reboot to get networking going again. I tried replacing the e1000 kext and i found another version of it that seems to work better. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/8607017/AppleIntelE1000e.kext.tar.gz Regards, olibuijr
  5. olibuijr

    [Guide] HP Elitebook 8560W installation Guide

    I havnt tested the firewire port. But the ExpressCard slot is working. I use it with a serial adapter to configure switches and routers.