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  1. G5 to ATX Front I/O Cables

    PM Sent!
  2. G5 to ATX Front I/O Cables

    I'd probably want 2 or 3 myself. If you could make this you'd be my hero. I've wired up the power button and led myself but would love to have the usb and firewire available as well
  3. Having just finished mine and fighting with it quite a bit I'll share my experience. With my mod I did just what you suggested, cut the end of that 18 pin cable off that would go to the motherboard of the G5. After that, I took a power button and a power led from an old case and cut the button and led off leaving the ends that attached to the new motherboard. After finding a good pin out (and finding you don't need a ground for the power led) was able to get everything working. If you want, I can try to find some time tomorrow to take a picture and show you what I did. Hope this helps, Justin
  4. The ultimate goal is to not kill myself. I have essentially completed my mod of a G5 case to hold an ATX motherboard, but having a big power supply not really anchored to the bottom of the case is a bit of an issue. I know people have taken apart G5 power supplies and rebuilt them with ATX style power supplies in them. What would any of you suggest doing to avoid shock? Is it just the capacitors I have to avoid or is there any other part of the actual power supply I need to avoid? If I could finish this I'd be really happy. Also willing to give you guys some pictures when all is said done too if you want. Thanks again guys! Justin
  5. Dual 533 G4 and nVidia 6600gt

    From this link: http://themacelite.wikidot.com/6600agp I can't tell if I need to buy an additional ROM chip and solder it on. Any advice? Thanks
  6. Dual 533 G4 and nVidia 6600gt

    Managed to find a great site: http://themacelite.wikidot.com/start, I'm sure I've come across it before but this actually has a BIOS specifically for my PNY Verto 6600gt. With any luck when I get out of work tonight I'll have a little project. Justin
  7. Dual 533 G4 and nVidia 6600gt

    Is there anyone out there that has a dump of this cards firmware. My card is a PNY 6600gt AGP version with 256mb of ram. Does anyone know where I can find the dump if they don't have it? And I'm assuming when you say firmware you mean the card's BIOS correct? Justin
  8. Hi all, One of my teachers from high school just gave me a dual 533 G4 PowerMac. He was just going to throw it out so I figured it was my civic duty to salvage it. I know you can run Leopard on older macs by either hacking the installer for leopard or toying with open firmware (already done it with my 800mhz emac in front of me). The one thing people report is slowing it down is poor graphics. I have an nVidia 6600gt (made by PNY for Windows machines), is there anyway to swap with whatever AGP card is already installed? This 6600 is AGP so I'm just wondering if it would. Thanks a lot you guys, Justin Holt
  9. I've taken out the DSDT file from the root of the drive. It does that regardless whether its in the root or not. Since I had PC EFI v8 installed I shouldn't have to do any dd commands correct? Is it safe or possible to go back to v8? Thanks again, Justin
  10. So tonight was great. I got 10.5.2 Kalyway dvd installed. I successfully upgraded to 10.5.6 for the most part and am still looking for a good way to get my 9800gtx with 512mb ram to work right. Right now I have an Asus p5k se/epu motherboard with a 2.4 ghz "Pentium Dual-Core". I'm running this off of an ide drive due to my lack of sata hard drives. I was reading a guide to update the kalyway dvd from 10.5.2 to 10.5.6 said you needed to install PC EFI v9. I downloaded the package and installed it or so I thought. It was inside a package that dealt with patching the DSDT.aml flle. I patched the DSDT file, ran the bootloader.pkg file which said PC EFI v9 on it. I did have PC EFI v8 before thanks to the Kalyway dvd. Now all I get at boot up is: boot0: GPT boot0: HFS+ boot0: booting boot0: done boot1: error I don't know what went wrong. I can still get to OS X by booting the Kalyway dvd and typing in hd(1,1)/mach_kernel. I am using vanilla kernal also. My appologies if this makes little to no sense, its 2:45 am and I have class in the morning. Thank you to all who may be able to help me, it would be very much appreciated. Justin
  11. The checksum comes up right when the cd boots. Its only 900k large, small for an iso so i suspect something is up. But yeah, I'm attemtping to boot a retail disc that I took upon myself to make a single layer disc. I have no dual layers nor the money for them. But yeah, I didn't put anything in the kernel folder, the one kext I actually needed to get past "Still waiting for root device", and there were no errors what so ever.
  12. Sorry about that. I have a Intel Pentium E2220 Allendale 2.4GHz that works with the Vanilla Kernel. An Asus PSK-SE/EPU so I need a modified version of AppleVIAATA.kext, LAN kext for my Atheros lan, and a modified natit kext made by praysus i believe which I have and actually worked with a Kalyway dvd I made tonight. It only shows that the checksum doesn't match and says press any key to retry and it doesn't work. Im sorry about not providing enough information, I had just woken up and wasn't thinking properly. Thanks again, Justin
  13. Could someone point out what I'm doing wrong? I try to create the disc myself using the script included, the cd boots, and it says something along the lines about "cd checksum is not the same" And i see some people who have released Iso's that are 20 mb big and others that are 300. I just need a simple iso that can boot the retail dvd and a single kext for my Marvell IDE drives (cause I don't have sata). What am I doing wrong?
  14. Missing Audio Problem

    Thanks a lot lollol, I appreciate it very much, I did a lot of searching and pretty much gave up! Justin
  15. Missing Audio Problem

    I've installed Tiger and Leopard before, and I have the SiS 7012 chipset. I used to use the "AppleAC97Audio_5.zip" that was posted to the board, but it appears that the link is broken after a server crash. If anyone knows where I can find it or if you still have it, that would be great. Figured I'd post here because this does have to deal with post installation of OS X Justin