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  1. OSX 10.7 G51JX X1 Lion fully working!

    oSxFr33k, I've installed Mountain Lion. Have everything working...wifi...sound...keyboard... . But I cant get sleep going. It seems the minute I remove the myhack.kext, my system won't boot. Used my custom dsdt.aml . Didnt have to install anything to get wife working....Worked straight out of install. Hmmm....must be missing something. Raistlin5, get MyHack.......Follow instructions and it will boot you into Mountain Lion no problem. The tweaking is what will take a bit.
  2. OSX 10.7 G51JX X1 Lion fully working!

    oSxFr33k, What Kexts did you install??? And which of the installed myHack items did you delete from Extra/Extensions? Getting hit and miss with what I am trying
  3. OSX 10.7 G51JX X1 Lion fully working!

    Hi oSxFr33k,, Good to see someone still reads this post I hope to have some free time available this weekend to try the install. Thanks for the identifier tip. How do you like 10.8? Is it worth the update? Right now Lion is running so great, I'd hate to have to tear it down Thanks for the info!
  4. OSX 10.7 G51JX X1 Lion fully working!

    Ok...new update to this. Checked the sleep temps and kernel system usage. After waking from sleep, I have no abnormal fan, memory or heat issues. I did create a custom dsdt. Dumped my dsdt in Windows and then applied the needed fixes. It was very close to what is posted in this forum. I'm sticking with my custom because my battery life seems to be a bit better with this new dsdt. Knock on wood... Super stable!! Only thing I wish I could fix is the blinking light on the back of the case when it is in sleep, but I can sleep it for days off battery and it seems to be ok.
  5. OSX 10.7 G51JX X1 Lion fully working!

    Sorry been away.....My temperature appears stable after waking up from sleep. My sound goes nuts though. My Microphone sound goes up and I have to lower. No problem with the kernal_task. I did make some changes. Used Lizard to make Lion think I had a MacPro5,1. Installed CUDA...(not sure if it helped....didnt hurt) Upgraded up to 10.7.4.
  6. OSX 10.7 G51JX X1 Lion fully working!

    Well ... been awhile so wanted to post an update. As i so often do, i did a blowout of my computer and reinstalled everything. Have updated my G51JX-X2 all the way up to OSX 10.7.4 Lion. Even sleep works. I find that I do have to turn off my keyboard lights prior to sleeping, but I rarely turn them on anyway. Only thing I do not have working is the card reader. Haven't found a driver for that. Thanks to all for the feedback. Great guide!!
  7. OSX 10.7 G51JX X1 Lion fully working!

    I have the G51JX-X2. I have Lion installed via this method with a few exceptions. I did not install these two kexts AppleACPIPlatform.kext VoodooHDA.kext Whenever I installed these two items, my system would lock up on startup. Usually not right away, but within 3 or 4 reboots. I even tried doing the updates to 10.7.2 and use the new files, but still no love! I got the sound going by using the 2.6.2 VoodooHDA kext...and Sleep just doesnt work for me. I'm super stable with this combo, so I'm sticking with this for now. I'm wondering if there are motherboard variations between the X1 and X2 models?
  8. Problem booting into Lion without Snow Leopard Install

    I have that same problem. Only way I could get LION going was to install Leopard on a partition.
  9. OSX 10.7 G51JX X1 Lion fully working!

    Guide is awesome. I am having difficulty with Sleep though. Everytime I try the Sleep button or close lid, the system acts like its shutting down but doesnt. The screen goes out, but the keyboard stays lit and fan still going. Any ideas? I have the G51jx-x2
  10. OSX 10.7 G51JX X1 Lion fully working!

    Awesome instructions! Thanks for taking the time to put this together for everyone. This was easier than getting Snow Leopard going Finding out right now what works and what doesnt. I am using this on a G51JX-X2. Thanks again!