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  1. Thanks for the guide. any way to install without having another mac? Thanks
  2. Yes, I have a SL Retail...but, i don't install because need a GUID (not MBR) and i wan't erase windows and anothers partitions. Tomorrow i will buy a 8gb pendrive and i install into it. If all goes ok, then, i will create a windows image and i change the partitions MBR to GUID and again make the partitions. Dell makes good computers
  3. BenRu

    Can't boot from iAtkos S3 DVD

    As happens to me with my Dell Studio 1558. The problem is that iATKOS V2 S3 type does not allow options ... or at least I do not know where
  4. Ok, I solved But now another problem. I install it, but does not start on boot xDD I will wait and try them with retail SL
  5. I tried everything: S And the ascii code? Uhmm... ALT+0151...work?
  6. I have the spanish keyboard
  7. The problem is that the keyboard will not let me put hyphen "-", replaced with "/", so I can not put -v or -x
  8. I tried to Hazard and occurs the same problem with iATKOS, when the screen goes gray boot, restart the PC. And with Kalyway remained caught in the boot also: http://chilenomac.files.wordpress.com/2009...boot_screen.jpg I do not know what to do ...
  9. Why SL Retails 8gb and Hazard 4gb? Where is the diference?
  10. Read this: My cpu is i7... Hazard run on my laptop?
  11. v7 iATKOS not work. It's like being in s3 v2 version. Any suggestions? I think that the solution: http://tonymacx86.blogspot.com/2010/04/ibo...ac-os-x-on.html
  12. I have repaired the boot, with an application called "Windows 7 64-bit Disc Repair" Now I am downloading iATKOS v7. I hope to get lucky!
  13. I tried Kalyway 10.5.2 and everything seemed fine until the system starts. Leaves a gray screen with the apple, and loading. The loading remains "caught" and stay there. It may be problem of the graph, do not know. I have ATI and that is what I scored, however, I'm going to install and I selected also Intel VGA. The problem is that it has screwed up the boot, and now I can not access Windows-_- I am downloading iATKOS v7 in another pc and be settling if this gives me problems. How I can restore the boot? With iATKOS v7 will recover?
  14. I am downloading Kalyway 10.5.2, but I think it would be better to install retail mac os ... so would a full system
  15. That version is already more than 2 years