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  1. I wanted my Hackintosh (code named Power Mac G7) to be as clean as possible, too. What I did for my PSU was make a mounting plate out of Plexiglass and fit it into the bottom of the PSU case after it was stripped out. I used the PSU plastic liner that was underneath the G5 Power supply as a template to make the respective "mounting plate" for my PSU out of the plexiglass. As you can see, I drilled the respective holes. On some of them (and if you do this I recommend this tip), you'll notice some of the drilled holes are broken on one side. This was from my personal mistake of drilling the plexiglass with too high of a torque on my power drill. BE VERY CAREFUL and delicate when using plexiglass. Mounting plate is screwed into the original screw brackets and attached with PSU in place. Finished product with my own added touch. Except for those little "additions," I did as minimal "redesigning" to the PSU case as possible. It worked out awesomely and my PSU is chugging right along! If you have any more questions on how I did the entire process, I'd be glad to elaborate. I'll probably post one of my own "HERE'S MY G5" threads here soon.
  2. G5 Optical/Hard Drive Power Cable

    Hey Buzze, What's the other side of that cable look like?
  3. PowerMac G5 Diagrams

    I need a little clarification on all of this. I feel somewhat stupid for asking, but I can't seem to wrap my head around getting these fans set up. Take for instance the back fan...the red wires. I see it says "two come in" Where are they coming from? A molex mini jr? Another molex? And could I use a y-wire instead of splicing or soldering two into one for the 4-port molex? Same thing with the "out"...can I use a y-wire? Finally, does anybody have a recommended supply list that they used to make all of this? Again, I feel stupid for asking, but it's just not clicking for me. Thanks in advance!
  4. G5 or Mac Pro Case?

    What thing are yout talking about? The rear-panel mount cables can be found here (you can just google for them too, to see if you can find them for cheaper): http://www.frontx.com/store/order_p.html If you're looking for a dead G5 PSU, your best bet would be to go on ebay. I got mine for around $20. That's a good price considering all I wanted were the fans and the enclosure. If you're looking for something else, just let me know.
  5. G5 or Mac Pro Case?

    That setup should work just fine! You'll have a "Scream Machine" with that stuff. As SwHay said, it's pretty much a dead end to use the G5 PSU. You'd really need to do a lot of rewiring and soldering. I would suggest what I'm doing. I got a dead G5 PSU, have stripped it and am modding the enclosure to fit my ATX PSU. It's not too hard to do. Just involves a little cutting and fitting to put the guts in there and a spot for a new fan (along with the existing G5 PSU fans). A standard ATX PSU should fit in there. You WILL be able to fit your current ATX motherboard in there. You'll have to put it in a landscape layout, though. There's PLENTY of room if you have it in that orientation. (Around 11 X 16 inches of space). You can't have it vertically. Thus, the ports won't match up with the rear of your case. This is also an easy fix. While it'll cost a little more money, you can just add extender panel mount cables from your motherboard to the rear of your case. This has two benefits. Gives you a little more room to finagle your motherboard and preserves the "natural" look of the G5 case, if that's what you're going for. I'm going for the purist approach, so this is what I'm doing. It's a little more work involved, little more money, but I think more fun to put together and rewarding in the long run. If you're willing to put some time in, then go this route. You'll need not worry about the mATX board and can use your current desired setup.
  6. G5 Optical/Hard Drive Power Cable

    Oh, hey! Thanks! I've been trying to find a cable that would work...didn't think of looking for the plug and just wiring it myself. Do you know the pinout for the original cable? I can't seem to find the service manual online to figure that out. If not, no worries. I can hunt it down. Thanks!
  7. G5 Optical/Hard Drive Power Cable

    I'm guessing that's a big "No"
  8. So, I'm working on putting together my Hackintosh in my slick G5 case I picked up. Before I cut them, I was wondering if anybody has used the original Optical Drive/Hard Drive Power Cable to power any drives/HDD's in the case. If so, what cable did you use to hook it up to the Power Supply? I tried looking around here, but was unsuccessful so far in finding my answer. Thanks.
  9. For the sake of argument, I'm not sure why I'd need to cut the case. If you mount the motherboard as you did in your design, then yes, you will need to do so. However, the Power Mac G5 Logic Board is actually LARGER in size than an ATX motherboard. So, a ATX motherboard will fit fine inside the case with the original power supply enclosure. It just needs to be mounted on its side (like the G5 Logic Board was) for it to fit fine. That case is HUGE with a TON of room that will easily accommodate both the G5 PSU enclosure and ATX board.
  10. Umm......yeah, I do have the G5 Power Supply enclosure and want to use it to retrofit a ATX PSU in it, but that's not what I was inquiring about. I've figured that out and it's not too hard to do. I was asking more toward the original exhaust fans (like the HD cage and rear exhaust fan) and attaching them to them to a ATX motherboard that would control turning them on and off. At any rate, you don't have to use a mATX Mobo if you have the G5 PSU enclosure. The G5 logic board is roughly the same size as an ATX board, if not bigger. It fit fine in there with the G5 PSU. I've done the measurements and it'll be fine. If you mount the board in the vertical position like in your design, then yes, you'd need a mATX board. The direction I'm going, however, won't require a smaller board. Ninteens...AWESOME DESIGN! I love what you've done with your case!
  11. PSU = Power Supply Unit. If you look back around Pages 3-6ish, there's talk of taking the wires from the G5 fans, putting them in Molex connectors and connecting them directly to the Power Supply to power them, rather than hooking the fans up to the motherboard for control. I hadn't been able to find anything about anyone hooking the fans up to the motherbaord plugs for fans with these fans and was wondering if anybody had.
  12. I've read the pages about hooking the G5 fans up to the PSU, but has anyone tried attaching them to an ATX motherboard? I was just curious. I was thinking about doing this and was looking to see if anyone else has.
  13. Mac G5 front panel issue

    This might seem silly, but is your Power Supply strong enough? Do you have enough power to keep the machine running?
  14. Stock G5 / Vanilla OSX

    When you're talking about stock, are you referring to using the original processors and just using a new motherboard? Or are you talking about keeping the case "as-is" and using new internal parts?
  15. I think what your'e doing here is great! I just ordered a G5 case off of ebay and can't wait to get started. What cable did you use for the 2x12 v that goes to the firewire? Is there some sort of split jumper wire available? Keep up the good work!