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    Tyan S2865 nforce4 DSDT Help

    since I have just found the solution about AppleSMBus , there are two kexts : AppleSMBusController and AppleSMBusPCI. After SBus dsdt patching , if you make an SMBusPCI_injector.kect , with your vendor and device id , put it in /Extra/Extensions/ , then the two kexts are loaded. P.S: Anyone can help for my memories issue. I also tried Lizard among others , without success.
  2. odin1937

    Tyan S2865 nforce4 DSDT Help

    hi guys , despite this is my first post here , I have reading here and to other boards for a year and a half until now , trying to install snow on my tyan s2865 motherboard (nforce4 chipset) with amd opteron 185 x2 , as my specs describe. After a lot of dsdt patching many things have been fixed , even AppleLPC is loaded with dsdt patch and an lpc_injector.kext. The problem is that I can not make the memory modules appear on system profiler , I know that it is cosmetic , but I like cosmetics. I tried many but many bootloaders , smbios.plist with an unpatched applesmbios.kext and gave a shot with patched applesmbios.kext , without success. Can anyone help to find a patch for my dsdt , in order to see the memory modules? Also I see on my pci cards , my smbus and my memory controller after dsdt patching. Shall I attempt to load the relevant apple kexts? If so , for smbus I have 2 kexts : AppleSmbusController and AppleSmbusPCI.kext , so which one I should try to load. Also for my memory controller , which kext? AppleProfileFamily?