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  1. I'm using v5.1 of this guide but cannot get my EFI graphic string to work (8600GT, 256 MB). Without it, the system boots fine. With it, it gets all the way thru until it's time to load the GUI then freezes. I added the string to my com.apple.Boot.plist using EFIStudio, which I've used many times before on pre-packaged installs (iDeneb, Kalyway, etc) and it's always worked. I then copied the boot.plist file to my /Volumes/EFI partition. I shouldn't need any special kexts for this to work, right? I'm only loading one or two required kexts at the moment since I'm doing a vanilla install on a Core2Duo.
  2. I installed Chameleon in the HFS partition on the XP disk, yes. That doesn't seem to work for me. But if I install PC EFI into that partition, it works. As for the Darwin bootloader default, I seem to remember reading that it always uses the active partition as the default. No problem. I'm using the chain0 method and that's working for me. I just have to select the OS X partitions twice. Thanks macgirl.
  3. Right. My XP disk is MBR and that's where the 100 MB HFS partition is located, as you specified in your first post. I just tried it as a test because I couldn't get it to work the other way. Edit 1: Installed PC EFI on the boot partition on the XP disk and that seems to be working. Am going to try Chameleon again as a test... Edit 2: Chameleon still not working (installed form OSX86 Tools). Guess I'll stick with PC EFI or maybe try installing Chameleon manually. Question: Is there a way to specify the default partition to load in the Darwin Bootloader? I'd rather have XP be the default for now. If not, I guess I could use the chain0 method.
  4. Can't seem to get this method to work. I have: Disk 1. Windows XP (NTFS, MBR) Disk 2. iDeneb install (HFS, GUID, uses Chameleon) I followed all the steps but when it attempts to boot the new HFS partition (I used Chameleon) on the XP disk I get the following messages: boot0: MBR boot0: done then it just stops. If I make the XP partition active and try to use chain0, I can boot XP but I just get a blank screen with cursor if I select Leo. Did I miss something?
  5. Mine sleeps. I can hear it power down, my monitor goes into power save mode, and the my CPU power button begins to blink. No amount of keyboard/mouse pressing brings it back out though. If I push the power button, it does wake it. I can hear the hard drives spin up and it acts like it's coming out of sleep. However my monitor never turns back on. I might try it with my onboard video instead of my GeForce and see if that makes a difference.
  6. Wow. Well, your scores look good. Not sure what's up with your two new drives. I just tried AHCI mode on mine (BIOS set to RAID, but no RAID configured apparently equals AHCI on my mobo) and reran XBench but my disk scores were nearly identical to what they were before. Profiler shows the "3.0 GB/sec" thing in AHCI mode and it shows it's using ICH8-R (which is probably just a misnamed plist entry in the kext file). So, AHCI doesn't seem to offer any benefits that I can see. It does work, though. FoxConn G33-M02 (Dell issue) Core2 @ 2.33 GHz, 1333 FSB 3GB DDR2 667 MHz RAM GeForge 7300GT 250 GB SATA HD (XP SP2, Leo, Ubuntu) 200 GB SATA HD (50 GB = Time Machine, 150GB = Media) I'm completely stoked. If only sleep would work, this thing would be 100%.
  7. Glad to hear! I, too, needed to get my ALC888 working (10EC 0888) and got it to work immediately using Taruga's infamous patcher and the /proc/asound/card0/codec#2 file from my Ubuntu installation (or Live CD, if you don't want to install Ubuntu). So, I've got everything working, even the webcam and mic in my Dell 22" flat panel monitor! The ONLY thing that isn't working is sleep, because I chose the vanilla kernel, too. It sounds like only the patched kernel is working with sleep. Skitals, are your xBench scores looking okay?
  8. Attached: AppleVIAATA.kext.zip
  9. I would try the new Kalyway DVD. It is supposed to have support for both JMicron and ICH9 so chances are it will work for you. I don't have AHCI as an option in my BIOS (I always use "IDE") but I was still able to load and install the ToH RC2 DVD (it was the only one that would work for me at the time). The only problem I had with ToH was that it only recognized one SATA controller. Kalyway sees them both with its support for ICH9.
  10. Well, I only have three devices hooked up but it's obviously seeing my other SATA controller since I only have 2 per. Here are the device ID's listed in his version of AppleVIAATA.kext: 0x55131039 0x31491106 0x00e310de 0x43791002 0x437A1002 0x43801002 0x43801019 0x438c1002 0x21821019 0x28208086 0x28258086 0x29208086 0x29218086 0x29268086 0x29288086 0x292d8086 0x292e8086 So he's including ICH9 device ID's in his kext and they're working for me (2920 and 2926). Yes, this is w/o AHCI. I only have 2 options in BIOS (IDE or RAID) and I'm on IDE mode. Kalyway's readme says it should work for JMicron controllers and ICH9. XBench: Sequential = 140.75 Uncached Write (4K) = 126.98 Uncached Write (256K) = 145.17 Uncached Read (4K) = 129.35 Uncached Read (256K) = 168.79 Random = 28.73 Uncached Write (4K) = 9.03 Uncached Write (256K) = 83.09 Uncached Read (4K) = 97.38 Uncached Read (256K) = 160.76 Not sure what good is, but I've copied files, installed updates, and it seems good to me! Boot in under 20 seconds. No more "Timed out trying to write kernel symbols" or other boot device error messages.
  11. Woohoo! Try Kalyway's new Leo DVD. FINALLY, IT WORKS! Booting with -V shows AppleVIAATA.kext loading all three of my SATA drives (DVD and 2 hard disks). After install, they're all there! FYI, I also tried the new iATKOS v1.0i distro but that did not work for me.
  12. I checked the Leo retail DVD with Pacifist and there is no AppleVIAATA.kext in the BaseSystem package, only AppleVIA.kext.
  13. I'll upload mine in a minute. Edit: Sorry, the only one I have is YOURS. =) I was testing your Tiger version. I'll upload the Leo one when I get home tonight.
  14. Same boat. I have an XP drive, a Leo drive, a SATA DVD-RW, and I would like to add another hard drive for Time Machine, so I could really use all 4 ports. Hopefully we'll get to the bottom of this.
  15. Keep up the good work Skitals. I'm following this thread closely. I have a Foxconn G33M02 board with ICH9 device ID's 2920 and 2926, each with 2 SATA ports and I'm learning a lot from this thread. I, too, have tried a number of modifications without success. I only have the option of IDE or RAID in my BIOS, though, and both would give me the "waiting for root" message when trying to install. ToH RC2 finally installed correctly for me, probably because it offers some sort of ICH9 support, but it did only give me 2 of 4 ports, like you (recognized 2920 but not 2926, if I remember correctly).