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  1. Logic 8 und die richtige Hardware für Hackintosh.

    ...ist ja interessant. Ich habe ein Hackintosh mit folgenden Komponenten: - P5W-DH Deluxe - DualCore 2x3,2 Ghz CPU - 5 GB OCZ DDR2 RAM - 500 GB SATA - GeForce 8400GS (Fanless) - Terratec Phase X24 Pro 1. Logic Pro 9.1.3 - Prozessorauslastung bei Kontakt 4 und NI Sessionstrings bei einer Midispur liegt bei sagenhafte 80% für einen Kern Noch ein paar Effekte und Instrumente dazu und der Rechner geht in die Knie. 2. Avid Pro Tools 9 - ebenfalls eine etwas schwache Performance Hat jemand eine Idee woran das liegen kann? (Klar ist die CPU nicht der Superkracher, sollte aber schon etwas bringen) Viele MACBook Pro Rechner haben ja auch nur eine DualCore CPU. Der CPU Wert für Cinebench 11.x liegt bei 1.57 Punkte. Vielleicht hat jemand eine Idee, wie die Performance verbessert werden kann??? Grüße, MICLINE
  2. Hello OSX friends, i didn't solve the installation problem on "P5W DH Deluxe". - Asus P5W DH Deluxe Mainboard - Dualcore CPU 2x 2,8 Ghz - OCZ Ram 800 Mhz - 2 GB - ATi X1900 PCI- E Graphics - WD80 GB IDE Harddisk After a successfull installation and reboot the system reset every time :-( Could anyone give me a working configuration please???????!!!!!! Thank you very much! Regards, Mike
  3. hmm, thank you for your assistance... But, could anyone give me a working setup configuration for the P5W DH Deluxe??? THX, MIKE
  4. Hi togehter, can anyone tell me which features (drivers, system, patches, network) i have to select during the iATKOS 5i installation??? My Hardware: - Asus P5W DH Deluxe Mainboard (Bios 2018) - 2GB OCZ Ram (DDR2) - ATi Radeon X1900 (256MB) Graphics What about the BIOS configuration? Thank you very much in advance for your help! Regards, MIKE
  5. I have the same problem too and i think that the network card isn't reset, cause of the incorrect shoutdown procedure. After shut down via powerswitch, the network card works. Anybody agree with that??? Regards, MICLINE
  6. Hello out there, after install i get a memory allocation error message... - ASROCK 775i65G - 1 GB DDR400 RAM - Intel D915 2x2.8 GhZ CPU Can anyone help??? Thanks in advance!!! Regards, MICLINE
  7. Hello, i successfully installed the "MacOSX_10.4.4DVDPATCHED_Myz.iso" on a AMD3000+ Machine. Before that i tried a "10.4.3" and it works fine with USB,VIA ATA and without graphic errors. Now i have the following problems: - USB wont work - not all harddrives are visible - some small Graphic errors with ATI 9600 I removed the "-v" in "com.apple.boot.plist" but can't save and overwrite the old one?! It would be very nice if someone could help... Thanks MICLINE
  8. help please with Via 8237 Audio

    hi togehter, i think the VIA isn't the correct driver. I think we have to use "AppleAC97CodecAD198x.kext", cause of the ADI AD1980 Soundchip. Go to the Terminal and check the loaded "kext" with "kexstat" command. In my case the "AppleAC97AudioVIA.kext" (30591106) was already loaded, but i can't hear anything. How to make the System load the "AppleAC97CodecAD198x.kext" instead of the "AppleAC97AudioVIA.kext" automatically? Let's try so solve it togehter! ;-) Look at the following reference: http://developer.apple.com/documentation/D.../uid/TP40001063 There you can find all about Drivers etc. Regards, MICLINE
  9. SoundMax AD198x - AC97 Sound

    Good Morning Gents, i didn't get my onboard "Asus K8V-X" SoundMax AD198x Card to work. Is it necessary that the follwing kext has to be loaded: AppleAC97CodecAD198x.kext How could i get the system to load the "...AD198x.kext"??? That seems to be the right driver to get the sound work. I tested a modified "info.plist" in "AppleAC97AudioIntelICH.kext" with correct Vendor id and Device id, but it doesn't work. Could one help me please??? Thanks in advance! Regards, MICLINE
  10. apple partition

    Hi, simply use MACDrive 6 (google) and create a partition with it. Thats all and simple. Regards, MICLINE
  11. OSX Installation and Apple LOGIC PRO 7

    I haven't got SSE3. So i used the Maxxuss Patch 0.4 too. Today i downloaded the "Marklar-Tiger.dmg" Image, "Generic_OSx86_Install_DVD_Patcher_Release1" and installed a new fresh OSX native. The system performance is regrettably not better than a "DEADMOO Image" installation. I did'nt solve the following problems: - Hardisc performance (is only 7MB/s) - AC97 no sound no card at the system profile - No Network support/card at the system profile hmm. I think in a lot of cases the "Marklar-Tiger.dmg" and "Generic_OSx86_Install_DVD_Patcher_Release1" works better. Nevertheless it is all fantastic work!!! And this forum is excellent!!! I will write down further experiences with LOGIC PRO 7. Regards, MICLINE
  12. Installation problem

    Thanks! I solved the problem by reburn the patched ISO Image on a DVR/R instead of DVD/RW. It seems that some files were not correctly. Do you have the right checksums (MD5) for your Image and Patchfile? Regards, MICLINE
  13. Installation problem

    Hi, i get the marklar-tiger.dmg Image. In "MD5" i get the right checksum, and right filesize (2.557.289,63 Kb). After that i sucessfully converted,patched (Marklar-Tiger-patch-release1.rar with right checksum and filesize) and burned the ISO to a DVD/RW. While the the Installtion process it stops and the "Java" files couldn't be installed. Could any give me a tip? Thanks in advance!!! Regards, MICLINE
  14. OSX Installation and Apple LOGIC PRO 7

    RME already released OSX x86 audio drivers ...interesting
  15. Hi Guys, today i sucessfully installed a Logic Audio Pro 7 on my native OSX (Deadmoo Image) Machine in the following way: 1. dd if=tiger-x86-flat.img of=\\.\PhysicalDrive(your Number!) bs=512K - This created a ready OSX partiton on an old 8,4GB Harddisk (IBM) 2. I deleted AppleTPMACPI.kext in System/Extensions folder I used MAC Drive 6 Software on WinXP to get access to the OSX System from Windows - This should speed up the system performance 3. I deleted the ATIRadeon9700.kext - This is to avoid that the OSX has to be started with -x (in safe Mode cause of graphic problems) 4. I changed the deadmoo password in the following way: Press any Key (countdown at start) and after that type -s (in Darwin Console before OSX starts) then type "sh /etc/rc" and then "passwd deadmoo" now you can set a new password. 5. Now i installed the Maxxus SSE3 to SSE2 Patch 0.4: - get the Patch! (look at this Forum!) - Start the OSX - Start the "Terminal" App in Ultities Folder - type "cd (your Path to the Patch!)" - Type "sudo ./install.sh" to start the patch application 6. Install "Apple Logic Pro 7" and a "crack" My used Hardware: - Asus K8V-X VIA KT-800 Chipset VT-8237 Marvell 88E8001 Gigabit LAN controller ADI AD1980 SoundMax Audio - AMD Athlon 64 3000+ CPU - 1GB RAM - Radeon 9600XT (Sapphire) - Event Gina Audiocard - Emagic MT-4 Midi- Interface My "problem Hardware" : - Network does not work - Audio "AC-97 Sound" applied in the sound options, but theres no sound - I installed a GINA driver for OSX, but there is no sound and no Gina at the audio options - I installed a EMAGIC MT-4 Driver for OSX and there is no MIDI- Interface - The Drivespeed (XBench 1.2) is only 6 MB/sec. It could be that the installed drivers are PPC optimized and do not work on x86 machines?! Has anyone a tip or solution to get run the "problem" Hardware??? After i started LOGIC PRO 7, i tested different functions and it seems to work. I can imagine that it could be work fine if i get run my "problem" hardware. Write your experiences! Regards, MICLINE