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  1. We greatly appreciate all of your hard work & effort to make the kernel working well in the 64-bits AMD env. But please don't push yourself too hard mate We do still have no doubt that someday, with better skills & knowledges, you and the other developers (AnV, Sinetek, and maybe some new ones) will find a perfect solution Sooner or later... so there's no need to rush Anyway, with your latest kernel (10.8.3-rc5_fixed1), I still can run the windows version of the MAXIMA using the VirtualBox
  2. @bcobco according to: http://products.amd.com/en-us/DesktopCPUDetail.aspx?id=535 your l3cachesize is detected correctly which is 2097152 Bytes = 2097152/1024^2 MBytes = 2 MBytes
  3. @Bronya sorry for the false report it's true, with your latest kernel (10.8.3-rc5_fixed1), I could open the wxMaxima.app and also the GNUplot.app But when I tried to run the Maxima.app, the terminal bash program would instantly close ("[Process completed]") without showing a command prompt like it shoud be And the console reported an error due to the sbcl Here's the sbcl crash report The wxMaxima.app also reported a no-connection error when I tried to run a command using it
  4. CONGRATZ to you Bronzovka There's no doubt that you can fix any kernel issues With your latest kernel (10.8.3-rc5_fixed1), I can run the MAXIMA without any issues --> sorry for the FALSE REPORT... please read the update below NO MORE OPEMU ERROR !!!
  5. Thanks for updating the kernel for the osx lion too with the latest kernel (10.7.5-rc16), I got a KP due to an "invalid opcode" error kernel trap at 0x0063b809, type 6 = invalid opcodetesting the kernel with either arch=i386 or arch=x86_64 both flags gave me the same KP
  6. Thanks for updating the kernel MD5: 8e8b027d55db1c66d6081726b84f7e74 Unfortunately the latest kernel (10.8.3-rc5) gave me a KP due to these errors: _Debugger + 0xa4 _consume_panic_args + 0x17d _panic + 0x4f _panic_trap + 0x34b _return_from_trap +0xcd _machine_boot_info + 0x160 _panic_i386_backtrace + 0x31f ---> ??? weirdly, I got the i386 error even I booted the osx with arch=x86_64
  7. Thanks a million mate You're really a smart developer ! with the latest kernel (10.8.3-rc4_fixed2), the system profiler can read my cpu details correctly and you might be right about the false reading of the bus-speed (HT-Link), which might be related to the Chameleon/SMBIOS issue, it's not the kernel's fault
  8. Thanks again for the update with your latest kernel (10.8.3-rc4_fix) : + system profile reported the L2 cache with an additional info (per Core) --> so totally the L2 was detected correctly = 4 x 512 KB + system profile could also detect the L3, - but unfortunately the L3's value was still incorrect, 6.5 MB instead of 6 MB http://products.amd.com/en-us/DesktopCPUDetail.aspx?id=617 no offense bcobco but are you sure your L3 size is correct ? your L3 = 2621440 Bytes = 2621440 / 1024 / 1024 MB = 2.5 MB --> which is 512 KB greater than it should be http://products.amd.com/en-us/DesktopCPUDetail.aspx?id=535
  9. sorry for the late reply same as bcobco, your binary could report my L3's value, but the sysctl couldn't
  10. @Bronya I got different results when I boot my osx with AnV's 10.8.3-rc6 kernel L3 cache could be detected correctly ( 6 MB ) L2 one was incorrect --> sorry for my mistake EDIT: with AnV's kernel, L2 cache was reported as L2 Cache ( per Core ) = 512 KB which meant L2 caches = 4 x 512 KB ---> so totally the L2 was detected with the correct value ( 2048 KB )
  11. my BIOS says: Cache L1 = 512 KB Cache L2 = 2048 KB Cache L3 = 6 MB Speed = 3400 MHz NB Clk = 2000 MHz ncHT Speed = 2000 MHz sysctl -a |grep hw.l hw.l1icachesize = 65536 hw.l1dcachesize = 65536 hw.l2settings = 1 hw.l2cachesize = 524288 hw.logicalcpu: 4 hw.logicalcpu_max: 4 hw.l1icachesize: 65536 hw.l1dcachesize: 65536 hw.l2cachesize: 524288 machdep.pmap.hashwalks: 302709
  12. here's what windows' cpu-z report about my cpu
  13. Thanks for fixing the kernel + SSSE3 issue has already been solved + system-log also looks normal - some minor issues (i.e. LEVEL 2 & LEVEL 3 caches, and also RATED-FSB/HT Link freq. ) are still detected incorrectly Great job mate
  14. Thanks for the kernel Here's my report: