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  1. Wow thats is the neatest solution to keep case intact. If this would be avaliable for Mac Pro case it would be even more wow. Any chance of making that version?
  2. DSDT editor and patcher

    Thanks for the info. I thought that this would be too much for me. For the time I would need to put into this I rather buy myself a MacPro, but till then I will stay with my "big" DSDT as it has everything working (sleep, auto-sleep, quick shutdown, restart and restart after sleep, speedstep, fully working AD2000b audio, fw) with only one kext (fakesmc)
  3. DSDT editor and patcher

    Is there really a simple method of scraping out an unused code? Now that would be the ultimate DSDT Editor, that would somehow translate the code of devices and list them in simple view and you could simply delete out the stuff you dont need. Since it seams you know alot about this, would you mind telling which line code corresponds to PCIE lanes in DSDT? I found a cleaned up version of mine DSDT, but the user has deleted one of the PCIE slots which he didnt use. I have attached bot DSDTs, mine has all the things working, the micro one is missing the PCIE. I have been comparing both in Editor but I cant find which line of code I need to copy over to micro to enable the second PCIE. DSDT_my.dsl.zip DSDT_micro.dsl.zip
  4. I would also like to try this micro dsdt, but would need the first pcie slot for my sli. Can please someone shed some light on which line correspond to PCIE in dsdt? I have both (original dsdt and micro one) files loaded in editor and Im comparing them, but I can find which lines of code are responsible for PCIE?
  5. DSDT editor and patcher

    +1 Hey, I would also like to start cleaning mine dsdt which is 53KB at the moment. I have applied 2 patches via this editor and now I can run OSX with only fakesmc kext, all the things are working. But since here was so much talk about cleaning, I would like to see how to approach this? I have 10+ years experience with computers (working as IT admin) but I have never get myself into coding or understanding computer languages, so when looking all the code inside editor I fell lost and I dont know how to start. So I would kindly ask for some steps on how to start with this dsdt cleaning?
  6. Mac Pro Front Panel Audio

    So, anyone measured it? I also have a 2008 model and Im thinking of buying the 2006 front board if there is no solution out there. What about 2009 models with 44pin connector, anyone been able to figure out the connections?
  7. Project: Mac Daddy

    craterloads, about watercooling in this case, where would you put a rad, pump & res? Im asking as my friend has bought the 2009 case and asked me about watercooling it. I advise him, if he dont need the hard drive bays, to put rad on top, pump with res/top combo on top of ram cage and then somehow tunnel down the tubing to cpu block first, then mobo. But I dont think the tubing would look short & neat, which is what im planning with my build.
  8. Project: Mac Daddy

    Hmm, the 2008 has FW800 + FW400 on the front, while 2009 has 2x FW800. But should be doable as the placement of ports seams the same + the FW400 is smaller than FW800.
  9. Project: Mac Daddy

    sure, for triple rad that would be better, but as Im only cooling the CPU + mobo I dont have a need for it + the 2008 front panel can be wired for usb and fw while newer front panels have new 44pin connectors and there are no diagrams on the net.. Anyway, good job
  10. Project: Mac Daddy

    Really awesome job, love the final pictures. Im just waiting for my case to arrive (from same UK seller), but I have order a 2008 model, since Im planning to WC and the front fan stand is ideal for 120.2 rad. Im also planning on preserving back panel and will make extension cables & couplers.
  11. G5 to ATX Front I/O Cables

    I'll take one when you are ready for the next batch. Thanks
  12. G4 Cube Plans

    Ok, I have somehow choose the hardware, still need to take apart one of the cubes and do a little planing where to stuff everything. the parts; Gigabyte GA-H55N-USB3 Intel i5-750 w/ Scythe Big Shuriken G.Skill 2x2GB DDR3-1600 Zotac GeForce 9500 GT 1GB w/ pci-e risser cable Intel X25-M 160GB SSD picoPSU-160-XT (rated 160W, 200W peak) The goal is to keep outside of the Cube, bottom plate most, as stock as possible. Would also like to keep lock-latch but Im affraid I will not get all the parts inside, since rails are massive, but I really need to put one apart and do some measuring. In worst case I would ditch it, but I have no idea how could then fix the skeleton to the case? Also, I have looked all over the net and I have seen none that modified the original powerswitch/sensor to the PC pinouts. Any clue on that?
  13. G4 Cube Plans

    That is awesome idea. I have 3 Cubes sitting on my desk, still fully functional and Im planning to turn one into hackintosh with new Gigabyte itx for some time now. Im all in for the custom parts, especially for new bottom plate & internal skeleton (minimizing lock-system guides)..
  14. Can please someone eleborate on this. Im new in osx86 world, but been using both systems for long time. I have Chameleon RC4 with SL 10.6.2 installed on one drive and win7 on other. How can I simply dual boot?