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  1. Radeon HD 5750

    More GREAT news :DDD http://bit.ly/crx7KM Just released the new iMac's with ATI 5670 and 5750. Hopefully the 5750 driver will work for my 5770
  2. Asus Rampage II Gene Hackintosh

    Sorry man, can't help you there, i don't use Firewire so i didn't really care - but are you trying to use the port from the back of the motherboard, the dsdt should be doing it for you, try a different dsdt, making a backup of your current dsdt. if that doesn't boot up for you, boot into a disc and use terminal to fix it back. I don't even know if mine works as i don't have any firewire devices (but i vaguely remember that it recognized it in system profiler, but i cannot confirm 'til in a few days) let us know how you went. btw, about my error before, i had been using a 10.5.7 disc, but that recognized my CPU as a 930, 10.6.3 recognizes it as a XEON, which i don't mind cos they cost a bit more
  3. Asus Rampage II Gene Hackintosh

    Hi Guys, I'm having some problems, have finally installed it, but cannot get Multi Core support, and let it boot. What settings in BIOS do you guys have for ACPI 2.0 and ACPI APIC (under the Power Tab), and what BIOS are you guys running ? If i run with ACPI 2.0 Disabled APCI APIC Enabled and use the -v flag, and says it needs NullCPUPowerManagement, so i load that kext, and then it says that it down with that that io9 Super Class ???? So i tried O/H/R, same type of error, but replacing NullCPUPowerManagement with O/H/R. If i try to run with ACPI 2.0 Enabled APCI APIC Enabled But it'll crash as soon as the kext's are loaded. if i use "-v cpus=1 busratio=21" (without the quotes, and it is busratio=21 as i have an i7 930) then it'll list the CPU's as enabled (8 or so of them) and then boot into Mac fine, although without Multicore or HT support. I'm using stellarola's DSDT Any help?
  4. Hello, I've had problems as well - mainly because i'm using an Antec Veris case (media case with LCD), and it would not boot after installing because this was plugged in, removing that and the Firewire and HD AUdio plug boots up after a good 8 minutes - waiting for "iokitwaitquiet() timed out wating to write kernel symbols". just booted using the verbose, safe boot, and force boot options- -v -x -f takes a while to boot but i am able to boot, am still trying to get everything fixed, will let you know if i have any progress.
  5. Hack Support

    HAHAHA classic
  6. Some really kewl iPhonekillers!

    hard to take either of the phones seriously ..
  7. Salami Boot Loader

    sure not as pretty as Chameleon or even Grub .. but simplicity is always good. as long as it does the job really.
  8. Asus Rampage II Gene Hackintosh

    Hi Guys, Thanks for all your posts - have been almost idle at work for a week as nothing has been coming and have been reading a lot on the internet. This has reminded me how I wanted to dual boot once I had a decent computer - and now I do. Will post up my results once (and if) I finish the install, once I get the SL Disc off a friend 8]