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  1. Alright, so here's my problem. I initially had a wonderful boot setup with Chameleon Bootloader with a Snow Leopard + Windows 7 + Fedora setup. Recently, I changed Fedora to Gentoo, but during that process, something went terribly wrong. Now, whenever I set the Chameleon bootloader to the MBR and set the Snow Leopard partition as active, the Windows 7 partition breaks. When I run the Windows 7 Repair disk, use diskpart to set it to active, then fix it, it suddenly works again, but it will only boot into the Windows 7 bootloader (and thus only to Windows 7). Unfortunately, when I switch back to the Snow Leopard partition to active (or even just rewrite the MBR with boot0), Windows 7 no longer works. So here's my question. How the heck did I originally have all three systems working? Is there any way around this? Thanks in advance. Any help again.